Quotes / Deryni

"It's not the Church we fight, though it may seem that way at first glance. It's an idea, Kelson. The idea that different is evil. That because some men are born with extraordinary powers and talents, those men are evil, no matter to what purpose they put those powers.
"We're fighting the idiotic notion that a man is responsible for the accident of his birth. That because a few men made grave errors in the name of a race over three hundred years ago, the whole race is damned forever and must suffer the consequences, generation after generation....Corrigan, Loris, even Wencit of Torenth—they're merely pawns in the larger struggle to prove that a man is worth something for himself alone, for what he does with his life, whether for good or for evil, with the talents he was born with, whatever he may be. Does any of that make sense?"
— Monsignor Duncan McLain in Deryni Checkmate

"We know who our Deryni are."
— Hombard of Tarkent, Torenthi envoy and Human.

"The humans kill what they do not understand."
— unknown Deryni monk, epigraph to Chapter 15 of Deryni Checkmate