Quotes / Culture Justifies Anything

Belkar Bitterleaf to Miko Miyazaki, defending his right to protect his Chaotic Evil alignment from detectionnote , The Order of the Stick

"There comes a point where acknowledging cultural differences doesn't cut it any more and you just have to say; 'What the fuck, guys?'"

People up and down the street
Crushing weasels beneath their feet
Why we do it, who can say?
But it's such a festive holiday!
So let the stomping fun begin
Bash their weasely skulls right in
It's tradition; that makes it okay!
"Weird Al" Yankovic, "Weasel Stomping Day"

"At the moment I don't give a damn about Klingon beliefs, rituals or customs! Now I have given you both a lot of leeway when it comes to following Klingon traditions, but in case you haven't noticed, this is not a Klingon station and those are not Klingon uniforms you're wearing. There is a limit to how far I'll go to accommodate cultural diversity among my officers, and you've just reached it!"
Captain Sisko dressing down Worf for trying to honor kill his brother

"We took possession... in accordance with our custom and we caught all the people. Not one escaped. Some ran away from us, these we killed, and others we killed—but what of that? It was in accordance with our custom."
Maori warrior on the conquest and genocide of the Moriori.

RALH. Tuvok: (answering Capt. Kanril Eleya's rant about the Kobali wanting to turn her dead crewmen into more Kobali) I do not disagree on any particular point, Captain. But Kobali culture does consider it a great honor to be specifically selected rather than merely scavenged.
LTJG. K'lak, son of Rokar: Yes, and my species' dominant culture considers it honorable to attack unarmed passenger liners from cloak.

Ellen: You mean like a cult?
Not-Tengu: A "cult"? Honestly, such intolerance of other people's beliefs.
Ellen: You enslave minds!
Not-Tengu: And I believe that's okay.

"LGBT people face violence, harassment, unequal treatment, mistreatment by cops, denial of health care, isolation ó always in the name of culture. Iíve had it up to here with culture. I really mean it. Culture never justifies rank, raw, discrimination or violation of human rights. There is no cultural justification. None. None. None."