Quotes / Cthulhumanoid

You guys again? Has anyone ever told you how much you look like squid? It's an Earth delicacy, you know.
Player Character, Dead Metal, to the Vascarri

Colonel Brandon, the friend of Sir John, suffered from a cruel affliction the likes of which the Dashwood sisters had heard of but never seen firsthand. He bore a set of long, squishy tentacles protruding grotesquely from his face, writhing this way and that, like hideous living facial hair of slime green. There was, in addition, some odd aura about him, indefinable but undeniably disgusting, even beyond those perverse appendages; one sensed that to look him in the eye would be to catch a terrifying glimpse of all the terrors that lie, unknowable and unimaginable, beyond the world that we can see and feel. Otherwise, he was very pleasant.