Quotes: Cricket Rules

Raphael: Cricket? Nobody understands cricket! You gotta know what a crumpet is to understand cricket!
Casey: Ill teach you. (launches Raph into the air and into a trash can with one solid WHACK) See? Six runs.

Dana: Kim, do you know anything about cricket?
Kim: What's goin' on?
Dana: A guy in New Delhi just did something.
Kim: What?
Dana: Jeremy won't tell us.
Jeremy: I honestly don't know! And I wouldn't have even brought it up except that whatever this guy did it was huge.
Natalie: What did he do?
Jeremy: He took all ten wickets in an inning.
Natalie: What does that mean?
Jeremy: I don't know!
Sports Night 1x21, "Ten Wickets"

"Cricket is a funny game."
Virtually every commentator, player and spectator in the history of the game