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Quotes: Comedy Ghetto
"Dying is easy. Comedy is hard."

"Being gloomy is easier than being cheerful. Anybody can say "I've got cancer" and get a rise out of a crowd. But how many of us can do five minutes of good stand-up comedy?"
P.J. O'Rouke, All The Trouble In The World.

"Comedy is pure: If the audience laughs, it works; if it doesn't laugh, it doesn't work. End of discussion. That's why critics hate comedy; there's nothing to say."

And if you're in comedy filmmaking to begin with, artistic integrity is a relative value easy to disregard.
— The Ultimate review of Chipwrecked

"I know this is going to sound very self-serving, and I apologize for it, but if you can write comedy, you can write anything, because it's the hardest. It's the most technically demanding, the most precisely evaluated form of writing. People know if it works or not. There's a big button marked 'FAIL', and that's when nobody laughs."

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