Quotes / Cold Sniper

"I am a Rock... I am... a Stone..."
Vassili, Enemy at the Gates

"Sharpshooters are loners by nature... We hone our instincts, pour our whole being in a single bullet."
Irvine, Final Fantasy VIII

"Ordinary soldiers could fire rounds indiscriminately and hope to hit something. But for snipers, it was different. When we pull the trigger, someone is sure to die."
Riza Hawkeye, Fullmetal Alchemist

"Sorel was a sharpshooter, a long-las specialist, who snuffed out lives at a distance as dispassionately as I might swat an insect. He was the one who the most threw a scare into me. The others had been thrown away with the bloodthirstyness of the mob, and hadn't really been responsible for their actions past a certain point, but Sorel had slid a knife into the joints of a provost's body armour because he didn't see any reason not to. The last time I had looked into eyes like those they belonged to an eldar haemonculus."
Ciaphas Cain, For the Emperor

"(1) Emotional balance. The sniper must be able to calmly and deliberately kill targets that may not pose an immediate threat to him. It is much easier to kill in self-defense or in the defense of others than it is to kill without apparent provocation. The sniper must not be susceptible to emotions such as anxiety or remorse. Candidates whose motivation toward sniper training rests mainly in the desire for prestige may not be capable of the cold rationality that the sniper's job requires."
U.S Army Field Manual: Sniper Training

Falynn:"Did you ever have to... you know... I mean, you don't have to answer if that's too personal."
Donos:"Did I ever shoot someone in cold blood? Without giving him a chance?" (she nods) "Yes. Three times I did that. I didn't much care for it; if I did, I'd probably still be doing it. But better to have dead enemies than dead innocents."

Lev:"How did you become a sniper?"
Vika:"I started shooting people."

After the dawn when morning is broken snow once white turn to red
Blood red snow tells what happened last night a tale of a sniper is born
Snow in mouth, hiding his breath he is steady at hand
Eye to eye target in sight the moment to fire has come

Hundreds of kills a man and his rifle embody the sisu of finns
Stay out of sight and cover your head
When he pulls the trigger you're dead

You're in the snipers sight
The first kill tonight
Time to die
You're in the bullets way
The White Death's prey
Say goodbye
—>Sabaton, White Death

"Once you are marked, there is no escape,"
Necron deathmark, Warhammer 40,000

"Feelings? Look mate, you know who's got a lot of feelings? Blokes what bludgeon their wives to death wi' a golf trophy. Professionals have standards: be polite, be efficient, have a plan to kill everyone you meet."
The Sniper, Team Fortress 2

Anya: ...they lack an expert sniper. You are to provide cover as they go in.
Jones: All right! I get to play God, then?
Anya: I guess that's going to be your call sign. Harrison's sign will be...Moses.
Jones: Awesome.
Project IGI

"Funny things, snipers." said the infantry officer, who had ambled over to take a look. "He could see all of me and only your head, but he still had to take a shot at you." (Tank commander John Foley has just narrowly survived a sniper attack. He had been sitting inside his tank with only his head exposed, conferring with an infantry commander who was completely out in the open).

"I am but a mere bullet. A bullet has no human heart. Therefore it does not need to think. It just flies toward its target."
Reki, Aria the Scarlet Ammo (a sort of chant to help her focus).