Quotes: Call to Adventure

"You must face the truth squarely and without flinching from duty. Our Enemies are mortal no longer. Mercy for such as they is a chimera, self-deception is its only ally. Dedicate this weapon, given unto your hand at the behest of the Emperor, to their destruction. Regard its function as your only duty: you live only to bring cleansing fire. Take up your rod and staff, your armour and psycannon, and go forth."
Galbus Heer, Lectures to the Ordo Malleus, Warhammer 40,000

Dilbert: Would you like to join me on a daring commando raid?
Dogbert: Sure.
Dilbert: Do you want to know why?
Dogbert: Not really.

Strange Voice: Wake up... Nucleus A...
Ryo: Nucleus A? Are you talking about me?
I don't know where to look, so I answer looking up.
Strange Voice: Nucleus A. Regulate the world by becoming the political warrior, Sourinjin.
Ryo: H-Hey! What are you talking about!? First of all, my name's Takiguchi Ryo and not Nucleus A!
Strange Voice: ...Really?
Ryo: Yeah, really. I mean it.
Strange Voice: ...Excuse me.
Ryo: Okay.
Strange Voice: So you weren't Nucleus A...
It seems he got the wrong person. The voice goes away.

"Great people have always been called. This is your calling."