Quotes / Bridezilla

Zexion: So it's been... what? Six months since Axel and Aerith got engaged? That sounds right. Lots of crazy stuff happening... but I mean really, it's just been Attack of Bridezilla here. Hmm? No, no, Aerith is actually pretty calm. Bridezilla though? She already destroyed half of downtown!
[Cut to Godzilla in a wedding veil]
Bridezilla: I NEED A CAKE!

You know, Nancy and Paul look so happy that they could fart out heart-shaped clouds (and since they’re eating vegan food, they probably will)...I mean, if this was Heather Mills’ wedding, she would’ve already karate-pegged a bitch for throwing petals instead of money and she definitely would’ve ripped off the head of a white to dove to pour its blood on the paparazzi. Those were the days.
Michael K., "Paul McCartney Is Someone's Husband Again"

Homer: Marge? Uh...Maybe you should take a break from wedding planning. I think you're becoming a...Bridezilla.
Marge: Bridezilla? *gasp* A combination of "bride" and "Godzilla"?! How could you say that? More like you're a King Wrong!

"It is the God-given right of every American woman to become a North Korean dictator on her wedding day!"
Kinga Forrester, Mystery Science Theater 3000