Quotes / Blown Across the Room

"Any outdoorsman will tell you the most frustrating part of hunting is when a deer simply FALLS DOWN when shot, and doesn't FLY BACKWARD into the forest. Those days are over. Anything this baby hits better PACK A LUNCH, 'cause it is going for a ride!"

On the TV screen, the bad guy flew about four yards backward, as though he'd been hit with an anti-tank rocket instead of a mere 9-mm pistol round. "I wonder where you buy those."
"We can't afford them, O great accounting expert!"
John almost spilled his remaining beer at that one.

"It's got third-person shooting that doesn't really work, with this horrible little stun-gun where enemies get shot and then fly halfway across the room, and you keep having to chase them, like that guy in the Popeye movie who keeps kicking his hat when he tries to pick it up."