Quotes / Balloon Belly

"A man's stomach knows no limits! Keep it coming!"

"Whoa! I was ready to explode!"

Edd: Ed, did you know that you walk in your sleep and that you have consumed all the food within a 5 block radius of your bed?
Ed: Not only that, but it feels as though I consumed all the food within a 5 block radius of my bed.
Ed, Edd n Eddy, "A Glass of Warm Ed"

"Remind me to never turn into a kitty again. You can't go shopping. You can't take your own shoes off. You can't even walk normal when you eat too much."
Diamond Tiara, Diamond and Dazzle

"...OK, because it doesn't... so much as look like you ate all that. As much as it looks like you're just kind of holding it inside your body."
Sun, Nebula

Deandra let out a huge belch. She was laying on the floor of the McDonald's, surrounded by fry packets and various French fries here and there on said greasy floor. The poor(?) [sic] girl was stuffed from all the fries she consumed over the course of the day; she looked quite pregnant, but she was merely fat, à la The Alcoholic Jayna van Buren. Mackenzie and Shay walked over and looked down at her.
"Sooo, you're still alive." Mackenzie dully snarked.
"Barely." Deandra then belched loudly again, then raised her robotic hand up into the air. "Pass me fry."
"No. Absolutely not." Shay responded, defiant.