Quotes: Adam Westing

It was "Chocolate Rain"
Wrote a song about that history
Chocolate Rain
Now I'm paid a hefty, hefty fee
Chocolate Rain
Listen to the funky rhymes I weave
Chocolate Rain
I move away from the mic to breathe
Tay Zonday, "Cherry Chocolate Rain"

My name isn't 'Adam We.' ...or is it? Who am I? What number did you call? Don't ever call here again. [hangs up] I guess I told him! Nobody messes with Adam We!

Love Connection was never cancelled. It's just not on TV anymore. I still do the occasional episode in my basement with singles from the neighbourhood. (awkward stares from everyone) I'm not crazy.
Chuck Woolrey, Scrubs ("My Cake")

Dean Evans: What do you think of games? You play much games, you uh...?
Michael Biehn: No, I don't— I'm just here for a paycheck, and that's...that's about it.
Dean Evans: Well, you weren't first choice anyway. But we couldn't get Kevin Bacon.

Hi, I'm William Shatner, and I'm a shaman. I'm a conduit for the ancient forces of nature. You're no doubt wondering, 'Hey, Shatner, how do I hurl bolts of lightning?'

Hi, I'm Michael Bay, director of Hollywood hits such as Transformers. And I demand things to be awesome.
Michael Bay from a Verizon FiOS commercial

If you’re like me, you like talking to things. Hello, lamp. (imitates voice for the lamp) 'Hello, Gary!' See? Hello, pants. Thank you, fish, for being here.
Gary Busey, Amazon Fire TV commercial

Back in 1987, I played Alex Murphy, better known as RoboCop: a good policeman whom some greedy punks turned into a heavily-armed cyborg. Now you want to build a statue—a monument to RoboCop and all that he stands for. Regrettably, not all of you see the wisdom of this tribute to the spirit of your city; specifically your mayor, David Bing, who said the idea is 'silly'. Well, Mayor Bing, if that is in fact your real name... (dons cardboard RoboCop helmet) I don't think it's silly at all.

Seymour Goldfarb Jr. (Roger Moore): A delusional millionaire who thinks he’s Roger Moore. Not James Bond, mind you, just Roger Moore. This is actually a brilliantly silly idea, as Moore gets to send up his 007 persona, and the producers nearly get sued into poverty.

Taylor Swift wants all of us to know that she knows we think she’s a Kennedy-obsessed, pretty boy stalker who lives in a fancy castle full of bored, white animals and goes full Alex Forrest on a dude who does her wrong. The video for Tay Tay’s new single 'Blank Space' is supposed to be a parody of herself, but please. This video was obviously put together with actual security camera footage from Taylor’s mansion. This is a Taylor Swift documentary! ...At the very end, Taylor should’ve gutted her man, pulled out his bones and veins, made a guitar out of that shit and then used that bones and veins guitar to write a song about how he’s an asshole piece of shit who fucked her over.