Nightmare Fuel / The Joy Luck Club

  • Voice From The Wall is quite disturbing, from the beginning when Lena is imagining all sorts of dangers that could happen to a child every day, to her watching her mother go mad from depression and pain, to the (imagined) sounds of a mother abusing her daughter on the other side (even though it turns out they were just playing loudly) of her bedroom wall. And Lena witnesses these nightmares at only ten years old.
    • The tragedy that Lena's infant brother was born without a brain.
  • Huang Taitai's treatment of Lindo in The Red Candle, when she refuses to sleep with her husband.
  • The circumstances that drove An-Mei's mother to become a concubine.
  • The death of Rose's four-year-old brother Bing in Half And Half is this and Tear Jerker.