Nightmare Fuel / The Hellbound Heart

The Hellbound Heart has quite a few nightmarish scenes that wasnt used in the Hellraiser movies. Of note are:

  • The prologue where Frank Cotton opens the Lament Configuration. The scene is much longer for one, and contains some very surreal imagery, such as the repulsive "offerings" Frank has gathered for the Cenobites: A box of chocolate, a jug of his own urine and dove heads among other things. The Cenobites also dont just claim Frank and drag him off, after he agrees to accompany them we're treated to a scene where Frank experiences massive sensory overload, ending with him climaxing on the floor. Finally, once he regains his bearings, he's met with the Female Cenobite, sitting naked on a pile of rotting human heads, with their tongues cut out and meticulously placed on her spread thighs, which we're given a detailed description of how her genitals have been mutilated and flayed.
  • When Larry cuts himself and bleeds on the floor in the attic room, Frank doesnt just materialize, the reader (and Julia) are shown exactly what happened to Frank after he was dragged off to the Cenobite realm: he's now in a Sealed Room in the Middle of Nowhere connected to the attic room, in a hideously mutilated state, his skin gone, missing an eye, all his nerves exposed, and Larrys blood was only enough to open the gate for a brief moment.
  • Julia's death is a good deal worse. She's accidently stabbed by Frank like in the movie, but rather than being bound to a bloody mattress with razorwire before being drawn into the Cenobite realm, Kirsten finds her sitting in the kitchen wearing her wedding dress... only for Kirsten to realize that Julias voice isnt coming from behind the veil, but from her lap. The headless body is clutching the still-living head of Julia, who begs Kirsten for help, only for a glow from behind the wedding veil interrupt her - the book version of The Engineer, who is possessing the body.
  • The Cenobites world is never shown in any detail in the book, but is refered to as a "realm of black birds", giant wings flapping in an eternal tempest. Somehow that abstract image is a lot worse than the hellish realm from the movie.