Nightmare Fuel / The Dragon Doctors

  • In Chapter 9, "The Spirit of Dark Water" drowns a woman in an ocean of despair; an endless ocean of despair. It's based off of The Spirit of Dark and Lonely Water, so imagine everything the drowning spirit says in the voice of Donald Pleasance.
  • When Mori's last name was destroyed, we get a glimpse of what that truly means. The real question is, is this Mind Rape on a small child, or something far more widespread?
  • The demon's attack on Mori using Laser-Guided Amnesia. In the universe of the Dragon Doctors, there are creatures that can drain almost every memory from your head just by talking to you, until all that remains is a drained husk..
  • The worst part of the two above examples? It doesn't just affect the target of the attack. It affects everyone and everything related to the target. Official records change along with the victim, photographs of unrelated people whose appearance was based on a template of the victim spontaneously change to match the new appearance, and everyone who knew or might have known the victim have their memories altered as well... Mori even suspects the latter case is partially fueled by the spell from the former. Thoria has a lot to answer for.
  • Speedball, the author and artist, has stated that the "demons" written into the story aren't the Dragon Doctor's nemesis, they're personified manifestations of his inner turmoil, particularly the one who tried to make Mori Ret Gone.