Nightmare Fuel / SimAnt

  • You play as a single ant trying to build a colony. The overworld is covered with hazards like puddles, large bugs, and most importantly, spiders. Just try running your ant too close to a spider. If the description of your death ("As the spider's venom courses through your veins, you feel like you have been set on fire,") doesn't scare the shit out of you, the accompanying head-on view of the spider, gnashing its fangs will. The game is rated E.
  • Just be thankful that despite looking like a Wolf Spider on the playing field, the face you see when you die is really that of a Jumping Spider. As a Google Images search will efficiently tell you, the face of a Wolf is a lot freakier than that of a Jumper.
    • Perhaps that's what the Clown button was put there for? Said the spider: "I'm so cool, I can hardly believe it!"
  • Once you reach the house, you encounter a new hazard: the electrical socket. Walk into it and you're treated to a brief animation of your ant writhing in agony as it's electrocuted.
  • Ironically, the very goal of the Full Game is this. Imagine if an ant colony got so big that it could spread all over your backyard, and then overrun your house.