Nightmare Fuel / Quantum Conundrum

  • Clicking the "Do A Thing!" option on the title screen. The Professor warned you about not looking Ike in the eyes...
  • Slowing down time while taking a battery from Ike. His normally funny noises sound positively demonic when slowed down. Made worse if his reaction to taking the battery is anger...
  • The "Choose Wisely" stage, is a very fun and interesting level, but the random noise generator is set on human screaming, which you hear constantly until you finally pick it up.
  • Normally, the effects of the Slow Time dimension on paintings only changes it so the subject is looking at their watch. For the painting of Grandma Triwrangle, however, all that changes is the sudden addition of the Grim Reaper in the background and an Oh, Crap! expression on her face.
  • Quadwrangle points out that thanks to the IDS glove, the player character won't be affected by the dimension's theme. A loading screen tip points out how this is a good thing, "you wouldn't want lungs made from cotton balls."
  • The Science Juice is a yellow liquid obtained from an "undisclosed biological source".
  • Though it's Played for Laughs, the ending is rife with Fridge Horror, considering that the Super IDS has made the entire planet susceptible to its effects.