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Nightmare Fuel: John Lennon
An eerily prophetic photo from 1968, photographed by Tom Murray

When Lennon left the Beatles his solo work became more personal and, as a result, sometimes a lot creepier too.

  • "God" has a far too bouncy tune to be a dirge and far too funereal to be a rhapsody, the piano chords have this biting quality like a wild animal snapping at you, and Lennon's vocals sound about twelve times as ghostly as they did in The Beatles' "A Day in the Life".
    • It's a Tearjerker to hear him denounce each of his influences, finally ending with The Beatles and then sing "The Dream is over... I was the Walrus/But now, I'm John/."
  • "Cold Turkey": A song about Lennon quitting his heroin addiction. It's an uncomfortable song in which Lennon sings about feeling ill and desperate. To top it all off, the last lines are just him screaming and moaning his pain away.
  • Turn out the lights and listen to "Two Virgins." The album is a terrifying playlist of disjointed noises, shouts, and clatterings brought about by John and Yoko stumbling around a recording studio in the middle of the night. You could be forgiven for thinking it's the audio from a horror movie.
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