Nightmare Fuel / Gantz

And things are just going to keep on getting worse for Nishi...

  • Sure, the whole story can be seen as this, but shit really hits the fan in the Osaka arc. From the outbreak of the demons to the sick freaks that make up the Osaka team, it's hard not to be afraid.
  • The Italy arc— The fact that hundreds of Gantz teams are getting killed from the demonic statue aliens really dials up the nightmarish scenarios seen in this arc.
  • The Dinosaur arc is no slouch in this department either. Behold, the triceratops alien.
  • Which leads to how the Dinosaur Arc kicked off in the first place. Shion Izumi paints blackface and starts shooting up the crowd in Chapter 123. All just to return to the game. Definitely a Trigger for those who suffered from urban violence.
  • Apart from facing "fairly normal" horrific monsters time to time, there is the Nura alien, Nightmare incarnate. Also, don't forget the upcoming apocalypse... in a week. The apocalypse does not disappoint in this department (see below).
  • The king of all nightmarish arcs, though, is the Catastrophe arc. As if the humans weren't in a bad enough shape already...
    • And just when you think it couldn't get any worse, IT DOES. The virus affecting Gantz causes him to create pixelated monsters that explode when they die. Read chapter 342 at your own risk.
    • Chapter 347 is nothing but pure Nightmare Fuel. If a light spore touches a person, body parts and faces will literally emerge from the said person's head and become THIS ABOMINATION. Yeesh...
    • The most horrifying element, however, is the reason why the giant aliens invaded Earth. It's because they want to slaughter mankind like cattle to become snacks, similar to that of chicken wings or potato chips. It's only natural for Oku to add the HIDEOUS Squick of what happens just beforehand (which involves giant insects and naked humans and we'll leave it AT THAT) to achieve maximum Nightmare Fuel.
    • The giant aliens have a tool that can "upload" a human's visual data from someone's mind and use it to track the person in question. Already Paranoia Fuel on its own, it's described in a deadpan tone by the aliens as not government or police equipment, but a children's toy. Let that sink in for a moment.
  • Pandora's box. What it does to people is just...just...
  • The brief shot in the anime Title Sequence of Keinote  holding a Gantz gun to her own head. While smiling.