Nightmare Fuel / Digimon World

  • Skullgreymon's area. It looks like brains.
  • Unexpected Digivolutions or deaths can cause this, as the entire game stops until it's underway.
  • The ending is unclear on what happens to Analogman. Once his slave Machinedramon is deleted he attempts to flee back to the Real World. Unfortunately for him the File City Digimon disrupt his transfer and the results appear to be less than pleasant; before Analogman's video feed cuts out, you see him screaming in pain and/or terror and his features distort.
    • It's never shown what exactly happens to him, but he returns post-game in the Back Dimension as a Muchomon. When you try to interact with him, however, he just stares at you in silence before transforming into Machinedramon for a rematch. His fate isn't answered in this game, but in Digital Card Battle, he returns as "A"; a vengeful digital ghost that possesses VenomMyotismon and hacks the entire world before challenging you.
    • Digimon World -next 0rder- implies that he survived even that.