Nightmare Fuel / Angel Heart

  • Finding Margret's heart near her body, with the cavity of where the heart used to be.
  • This scene:
    The boy was bound naked on a rubber mat, there were complicated incantations. A pentacle was branded on his chest. Margaret gave Johnny a virgin dagger. He sliced the boy clean open and ate his heart. It was still beating when he wolfed it down.
  • The moment when Harry discovers the body of Ethan Krusemark, in a cauldron of boiling gumbo, it happens immediately when you expected it to happen a bit later.
  • The last 30 seconds of the film.
  • Pretty much the rest of it too. Like Eraserhead, the entire film is shot, soundmixed and scored to evoke the feel of a nightmare, with muffled, distant sounds, sudden flashes of seemingly irrelevant images, and moments appearing out-of-sequence. Harry himself has a number of nightmares (later revealed to be where his mind goes when he's under Satan's control), which feature copious amounts of blood.
  • The final shot of the baby. THE EYES. The implication that it is the product of Satan himself raping Epiphany when she was basically a child herself and that it is malevolent in nature, given its act of pointing to Angel during the “Burning in Hell” line.