Nightmare Fuel / Alien Abduction: Incident in Lake County

Caused many a nightmare and sleepless night for kids who saw it on TV back in 1998 who didn't realise it was a hoax ( and even for some of those who did.) —
  • When the aliens open fire on Tommy and his brothers.
  • When an ominous figure walks past the window during the dinner.
  • When the aliens can be heard moving around on the roof, and then one of them is briefly glimpsed climbing into the upstairs window.
  • The scene where Tommy is ambushed by one of the aliens in his room, during which Tommy enters a trance and doesn't seem to remember the incident after.
  • The sinister red glow and visual pixellation that foreshadows the aliens' presence.
  • When the family is cornered and mind-controlled into submission by the aliens at the end, with the camera disturbingly zooming in.
  • That damn little girl.