Nightmare Fuel / AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! - A Reckless Disregard for Gravity

  • If you listen to the "Grandma" cube, the title character's secret ingredient in her cookies is the ashes of her own son who died while skydiving. She also counts as a Nightmare Fetishist since, while everyone else says her cookies taste like roaches, she actually likes those cookies.
  • Another example being the piglet cube, wherein the person who teaches you how to "clean and de-bristle" a pig instead teaches you how to brutally mutilate the pig, then reassemble it Frankenstein-style, ending the video by saying that said pig was your only friend in the world.
  • Nevin's news reports, though funny, seem to paint the entire game as a Crapsack World. Base jumping appears to be illegal, for good reason, one would assume. But the authority of the city is blind and/or indifferent to them repeatedly mutilating themselves on their jumps.
    Nevin: [...] Police say one of [The Midnight Jumpers] even left an arm behind. From what I hear, it was a really nice one, too.
    Nevin: The city has begun removing shrines erected to dead jumpers. Police say that they were causing traffic accidents, and also, they were ugly.
  • The "Anti-Relaxation" video, a would-be relaxation video which is basically a creepypasta-esque Tone Shift of the Relaxation video. An eerie tune plays, the image from the Relaxation video is shown redder and darker, and a warped voice tells you, in a creepy way, to do things like touching your earlobes, while constantly repeating the Suspiciously Specific Denial that there are no insects crawling on your body or into your nose. You can also occasionally hear a baby crying in the background, and at one point there is a Repetitive Audio Glitch.
    • In For the Awesome, the image shown may remind you of Anothink's games. The horror ones. Especially FUN.