Mythology Gag: Toys

  • One of the figures for LEGO's current "Space Police" range (actually the third Space Police line) has an Octan logo on its leather jacket. Octan used to be the Brand X fuel station for Lego's City range.
    • Additionally, a "statue" of the first astronaut is actually a Classic Space mini-figure with a blanked-out face. The Latin inscription on the base (in annos triginta ad caelum infinitum construxit) means "Thirty years of building in the infinite heavens," referring to the fact that Space Police III was released on roughly the thirtieth anniversary of the introduction of Classic Space.
    • The graffiti on the alien's spaceships references the much-loved "Blacktron" and "Spyrius" (early space "bad guy" themes — indeed, Blacktron was the enemy of the previous Space Police lines) and mostly-loathed "Insectoids" ("Insecturds" or "Insucktoids" being popular names) lines of space sets. Also two of the set designers, who were well known 'Adult Fans of Lego' prior to being employed by The Lego Group, managed to add their online "AFOL" handles ('Nabii' and 'Mister Zumbi') to the alien's spaceships. Basically, the designers really had fun with this line of Lego sets!
      • One recent set makes it even more blatant — one of the Alien baddies is wearing a suit very reminicent of an original Blacktron figure with a Blaktron II logo on it.
    • The Death Star Playset of 2008 had a megaphone piece with neon orange stud on the end, resembling the blasters of 1999 until 2007, being swapped with more realistically looking models. Granted, there wasn´t that much time for building up the mythology part.
  • Transformers toys are known for giving newer versions of Optimus Prime the iconic chest-windscreen in robot mode, even if it's not going to be the windscreen in vehicle mode. Likewise, Alternators Tracks and Animated Bumblebee, to name a couple.
    • Another Transformers example would be Generations Soundwave. Obstensibly, it represents the one from Transformers Prime while in the altmode he used on Cybertron. In actuality, he looks almost exactly like G1 Soundwave, except with a vehicle mode.
    • Given that Soundwave figure also represents the War for Cybertron version of Soundwave, that makes this a video game example as well; indeed, most of the War for Cybertron cast have bodies that resemble some combination of their various G1 Earthen and Cybertronian appearances.