Music: Red

Red (stylized as RED or R3D) is a Christian Rock / Alternative Metal band from Nashville, Tennessee. The band is popular outside of Christian music circles, but not to the extent of other rock bands such as Skillet or other metal bands such as The Devil Wears Prada. The band combines elements of Heavy Metal, Alternative Metal, Hard Rock, and Post-Grunge. They are known for the emotional voice and aggressive screams of vocalist Michael Barnes. The band often combines heavy guitar riffs and breakdowns with lighter refrains and verses. They have released 4 albums to date.

The band's name origin hasn't been confirmed, but some people believe it has to do with the 'blood of Christ'. The band is also known for their constant touring schedule; they have performed over 2000 shows in the 3 years between their first and second albums.

John Petrucci, guitarist for the prog-metal band Dream Theater, listed the band's latest effort as his favorite record of 2011, metal or otherwise.


  • End of Silence (2006)
  • Innocence & Instinct (2009)
  • Until We Have Faces (2011)
  • Release the Panic (2013)


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