Manga / Gatcha Gacha

Gatcha Gacha is a shoujo manga by Yukata Tachibana.

Yuri Muroi is a girl who lives for love, unfortunately she has just been dumped for her thirteenth time by eleven different guys. She believes that her classmate Motoko Kagurazaka, the most beautiful and perfect girl in her school, witnessed this and decides to follow her and ask, but accidentally stumbles upon a boy's confession to Mokoto. Then she accidentally sees the wrestling magazines and sports chants in Mokoto's bag, discovering some secrets of Mokoto's. Mokoto then tells Yuri that if she tells anyone that she is in big trouble. Yuri, always quick to bounce back, soon meets Yabe Takahiro, a total playboy, and starts to think that he might be her true love. After their faithful encounter she is left with his jacket and yearns to return it. Later Yuri has a bad encounter with an ex-boyfriend and when it seems all hope is lost Mokoto comes to her rescue, ruining her perfect girl image in the process.

When Yuri finally gets a chance to confess to Yabe he decides that the only girl he will date seriously is Mokoto, who may or may not have a crush on Yabe. But Yuri isn't one to give up easily and decides that she will get Yabe to accept her. Yuri also has a suitor in student body president Sho Hirao, who is clumsy and tactless around girls, but has fallen for Yuri because she is the only girl who seems completely unaffected by his harsh words.

Not to be confused with another manga named Gacha Gacha.

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