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Rule of Romantic
The limit of the Willing Suspension of Disbelief for a given element is directly proportional to how romantic it is.

There are many ways for how fiction deals with love. And just like Rule of Cool, Rule of Drama, Rule of Funny, and Rule of Scary, if something is considered romantic enough by the audience, it can be excused, not matter how unrealistic it is. This is entertainment, after all.

But unlike those tropes, this doesn't require things to be impossible, just implausible or highly improbable.

Now Values Dissonance can come into play far more often than the other "Rule" tropes, which is not only across national lines, but across gender. Now guys deny it, but they do have a notion of romantic. It's just that not only is it extremely different than what's in a typical Romantic Comedy or Romance Novel, they also tend to be more private about it, at least in American culture. And for good reason — many times, a sweet show of devotion on the Silver Screen translates into real life as a delusional, obsessive, or just dangerous act.

This trope doesn't actually apply with Ship-to-Ship Combat. Those people usually just care about making their couples look good. You can tell because they often praise an unrealistic point if it supports a couple they favor, and slam that exact same point if it supports a couple they don't.

Not to be confused with anything about the 19th century artistic movement.

Compare Rule of Drama, Rule of Glamorous, Rule of Sexy, Flirting And Courtship.

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