Lennon Specs


Lennon Specs is a type of sunglasses with perfectly round lenses, preferably black or red, made famous by John Lennon. They are mostly commonly worn by beatniks, hippies and - since they are uncommon and noticeable - unconventional but notable characters. Thanks to John Lone in The Last Emperor, they're known as 'Pu Yi' glasses in Chinese-speaking countries. note 

A subtrope of Cool Shades. See also Triangle Shades. Furthermore, please note that perfectly round but clear glasses, despite also having been worn by John Lennon, do not fall under this trope (those would be Potter Specs). Neither do oval sunglasses, square-ish sunglasses with rounded edges, or any other type of sunglasses with less than perfectly round lenses. note 


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    Anime and Manga 

    Comic Books 
  • In one X-Men storyline (X-Men: Divided). the X-Men are tracking down a group of hippies who have used Lady Mastermind's mind control powers to turn the Haight-Ashbury area back to the way it was in the sixties. Emma Frost mentally alters their clothing to fit in, and Cyclops's visor turns into ruby-quartz Lennon specs.
  • Black leather 90s Superboy wore these.
  • King Mob in The Invisibles wears them.
  • I-Ching, Wonder Woman's mentor during her depowered phase.
  • Batman villain Hugo Strange is fond of wearing these. This isn't a trait exclusive to the comic, either, as his Batman: The Animated Series, Batman: Arkham City, and Gotham incarnations also sport them.



    Live Action TV 
  • In the pilot episode of Firefly, Simon first appears wearing a red pair.

    Professional Wrestling 
  • The one true villain Marty Scurll wears these when not wrestling.


    Video Games 

    Web Animation 
  • A red-lensed pair of these have been the trademark of Madness Combat's Hank from Depredation onward.
    • In addition, Sanford also sports a pair that he obtains in Episode 6.5.

    Web Original 

    Western Animation 
  • The Slappy Squirrel short "Woodstock Slappy" has Skippy sporting these specs.
    Slappy: On stage, Skippy. Look, see the band?
    Skippy: No I don't.
    Slappy: Get rid of those John Lennon glasses and look!
  • Carl in The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius wore these when he channeled John Lennon in the episode where Jimmy forms a band. He also adopts the Liverpudlian accent and travels with a generically-Asian-looking "assistant." (It's a kid's show.)
  • The Warden from Superjail! has them.
  • The Ice King from Adventure Time had these when he was a human named Simon Petrikov.
  • Both Daria from Daria and her Aunt Amy wear these.
  • Egon on The Real Ghostbusters has round-rimmed glasses, but with clear lenses.

Alternative Title(s): Lennon Shades, Round Sunglasses