Dual Tonfas


The tonfa is basically a heavy stick with a handle attached near one of the ends, typically a little longer than the user's forearm. This weapon is Boring, but Practical made manifest. However, boring isn't good enough for fiction, and naturally all sorts of variations (including the bladed tonfa, the energybeam tonfa, and the tonfa that doubles as a gun among others) have been envisioned by writers in order to spice up this humble handled club.

Wielded in pairs with one in each hand, a martial art based on the use of dual tonfas (Kobudo) exists in the Japanese islands of Okinawa. Archaeological evidence suggests the first tonfa were of Chinese or Indonesian origin, but they enjoyed much more widespread use in Okinawa and other Japanese islands. There it was claimed to have been developed from a a modified millstone handle as a result of the restriction of conventional weapons by the rulers of the land back in the day, forcing people to make their own weapons, often out of farm tools.

They are a staple in weapon based fighters, and in any anime or manga where all kinds of weapons are already around they will often turn up somewhere down the line in the hands of a character, usually either a competent part of the hero's team or a major threat to the protagonists.

In real life, the common policeman's Lawman Baton is based upon this weapon, and in the end is just a modified version. It is preferred over regular batons because it is better for defense and looks less threatening. The main differences between them is that police use just one nightstick whereas with tonfas Dual Wielding is the norm, and that police forces usually don't train in the full use of the tonfa like martial artists do.

Might overlap with examples of bladed weapons that otherwise are tonfa shaped (along the arm). Such examples can potentially be found as type 3 of the trope Blade below the Shoulder.

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     Anime & Manga 
  • Hibari of Katekyo Hitman Reborn!.
  • Okina of Rurouni Kenshin.
  • Naizer, a Chrono Number of Black Cat.
  • Marie Mjollnir of Soul Eater is normally a hammer, based on her inspiration. However, as a Death Scythe, she can modify her weapon form, in this case, she extends one end of the hammer and thus becoming an impromptu tonfa.
    • Kid wields Liz and Patty upside-down so they can double as these in close-range combat.
  • The Glasgow, Sutherland, and Vincent Ward in Code Geass.
  • Gin, Don Krieg's first mate in One Piece uses modified tonfas; his have weights on the striking ends.
  • J.D. from Neo Angelique.
  • Elie of Rave Master uses tonfas, using them to shoot bullets and, later, Etherion.
  • Kuu Fei's pactio in the first Mahou Sensei Negima! anime was a pair of these. In the manga, she got a Simple Staff (that can grow and extend ala Journey to the West).
  • Lyrical Nanoha
  • Akane from Mai-HiME. Her manga incarnation uses a standard set, while in the anime, her tonfas form a cross-shape pattern. Her Mai-Otome incarnation also uses them with her Meister robe.
  • The Gottorlatan, Kathejina's final mobile suit in Mobile Suit Victory Gundam, wields beam tonfas.
  • The title character of Fairy Musketeers wields a pair of bladed tonfas with small shields over the hand areas. Her fighting style is very swift as a result, often running up beside her opponents to slash at them from the sides.
  • Resident Ninja Damemon from Digimon Xros Wars uses these.
  • Rock Lee briefly uses them in the Naruto anime, but Kisame breaks them with one swing of his BFS.
  • Rosario + Vampire has the Shadowless Sword, a tonfa forged from light that nestles in the palm of a knifehand strike. Its real purpose is to cancel out the Vibroweapon/Telefrag effect of the Dimension Sword, though Tsukune also seems to use them as proper tonfa while fighting Aqua.
  • These are Shin Acura's weapons in Coffin Princess Chaika: Avenging Battle.

     Comic Books 

     Fan Works 
  • In Winter War, Takano Dan has dual tonfa as the shikai form of his zanpakutou.


  • Tonfas had to be banned in Swordcraft, because several members of the group were police in their day jobs, and were too good with them.

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