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An Always Female character mixing the archetypes of Beast Man and Amazonian Beauty or Brawn Hilda. The Beastess is a female character who is big, strong, and intimidating, while showing primal or animalistic traits.

She is prone to Hulk Speak, and is often a Barbarian Heroine due to having lived isolated from civilization in some way—whether she is raised by wild animals or a member of a primitive tribe. Occasionally she is only a Beastess in appearance, which can vary from being heavy set, to athletic, to even having Boobs of Steel, but always imposing in size and strength. Despite her "savage" traits and appearance, a Beastess can actually be a very calm, even intelligent character.

Depending on how much of beast there is in a Beastess, she can sometimes overlap with Cute Monster Girl.


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  • Always Having Juice has Gaia Mercury, a monstrous blue woman who hides most of her body under bandages, with Fog Feet and enormous, furry hands.

    Film - Animated 
  • Fiona of Shrek, after her transformation into an ogress.

  • There are several in Cerberon, Sascia, who's a young hyena-girl. Junapur is a big, imposing and strong Petting Zoo Person, with (four) Boobs of Steel. Jena is a mule half, just as big, strong and intimidating as Junapur, but not as nice, and without such remarkable cleavage. She introduces herself to Thedrik with a punch in the face.
  • Anya of the Damsels Of Distress counts. She is a wendigo and has furry ears, a tail, and stands a six and a half feet tall. She is also a crack shot with her auto revolvers.
  • Taura, from the Vorkosigan Saga, nearly defines this trope. She's an eight-foot-tall genetically-modified Super Soldier with fangs who can rip people to shreds with her bare hands - and highly intelligent, with an unexpectedly sweet personality (and a fondness for pink frilly clothing). She much prefers intimidation to violence - she remarks at one point that, when trouble starts, she looms at people, and if that doesn't work she smiles.

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