Badass Princess
aka: Warrior Princess
Try to put this damsel in distress...we dare you.

"What, you think a feudal warlord's daughter just sits around arranging flowers all day?"
Usagi Yojimbo RPG

With all the luxury afforded to a princess and all the knights dedicated to her protection, who would have thought the most dangerous person in the castle is the princess herself? She doesn't just knit or gossip, this princess has developed remarkable powers and abilities to fight. Most are shocked when they first meet her to find she is ever the beautiful rose, but with some extremely sharp thorns.

Basically a subversion of the Princess Classic by having Authority Equals Asskicking in full effect. She looks delicate but fights better than those who serve her.

While this and the Rebellious Princess sometimes go hand in hand, they do not equal each other. In fact, a pretty princess powerhouse will often fight because she's loyal to her nation, and would fight to defend it at any cost. Or she might jump in the fray just because she's ticked off.

If she's kid friendly she'll often (but not always) be a Tomboy Princess or Girly Bruiser. She might be a Lady of War with an elegant weapon or just a Cute Bruiser who will get her hands dirty, or she might even switch back and forth.

A heroic Princess Powerhouse can eventually become The High Queen, and might already be the daughter of one. An evil version (with an equally evil father) will probably be Daddy's Little Villain, and will only get worse if she manages to inherit the throne; these types often overlap with Dark Action Girl. Either type who is an actual monarch with the title "Princess" (rather than heiress to the throne) is also an example of Princesses Rule.

Compare Damsel out of Distress, Warrior Prince, Silk Hiding Steel, Tomboy Princess, Pretty Princess Powerhouse, Kicking Ass in All Her Finery. Contrast Princess Classic, Faux Action Girl.


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  • One 2013 Toyota commercial shows a family finding a genie and getting various wishes, and the daughter wishes she was a princess. Cut to the princess in armor on a tiny horse in front of an army, raising her sword and telling the army to "Avenge my father's death!" and charging the castle. Her then very-much-alive father cheers on from the sidelines with "Yeah, avenge my death!"

    Anime and Manga 
  • A Certain Magical Index has the second royal daughter, Carissa, who possesses an impressive understanding of military strategy and tactics.
  • In Aldnoah.Zero, Asseylum Vers Allusia, Princess Royal of the Vers Empire, prefers to use diplomacy and influence over violence, but is still an example of this trope. Despite her delicate, elegant appearance, she's perfectly capable of flipping and body pressing someone her size or bigger, and she knows how to handle both a pistol and a grenade launcher. On several occasions, she voluntarily places herself in harm's way in order to save lives.
  • The Asterisk War: Julis-Alexia von Riessfeld, Princess of Lieseltania, is one of the best fighters of Seidoukan Academy and a major favorite to win the fighting tournaments among the six schools. Her country is in a constant state of poverty due to the machinations of a Mega Corp. that serves as the world government and she is fighting at the Asterisk city to get money to save Lieseltania.
  • Granted she's also a Fallen Princess, but Ange in Cross Ange is capable of doing many crazy things. She is the resident One Woman Army of her squad whether she's on a Para-mail or on foot. Though they're not exactly happy about her hoarding kills.
  • Punie from Dai Mahou Touge who is unstoppable with her magic… and a lot more dangerous if you manage to use an Anti-Magic weapon on her. Her battle cry of 'submission is the princess way' doesn't mean she'll submit to you. It means she knows every submission hold that can break your bones.
  • All of the princesses from Dog Days (though Couvert is technically a duchess). Special mention goes to Leo, who is consistently shown to be one of the strongest characters in the setting.
  • Fullmetal Alchemist:
  • Olivier Mira Armstrong, the Four-Star Badass in charge of the Briggs Fortress, is this without actually being royalty; in the manga, her men are shown to occasionally refer to her as "the Princess" or "our Queen".
  • Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden gives us Efinluka Rowun, or Filka, as she's known to most people. She's the daughter of Emperor Tegiru, skilled with a bow an arrow, and ran away to join the rebellion against her father.
  • Lupin III: The Secret of Twilight Gemini: Lara is the rebel leader of a band of Geltic guerrillas, who's fighting to reclaim her people's ancestral homeland from the oppression of the Igo Tribe. She doesn't learn of her royal lineage, until shortly before the film's climatic final battle. Meaning, she's literally a Rebellious Princess, a Tomboy Princess, and a a royal who actually does something - all in one!
  • Lyrical Nanoha has Olivie Segbrecht, a.k.a., Sankt Regina Olivie, a.k.a., the last Sankt Kaiser of the Cradle. In life, she was known as the queen deemed second to none in combat. In death, she was known as the Sankt Kaiser who gave her life to end the Ancient Belka War, and worshipped as a Christ-like figure.
  • Magi – Labyrinth of Magic has a few - Princesses Hakuei and Kougyoku of the Kou Empire, the former of which being a general in the army. Kougyoku starts off as a villain and both are King Candidates. Princess Dunya Mustashim, of the Mustashim kingdom, is another villainous example.
  • In Magic Knight Rayearth, Princesses Tatra and Tarta of Chizeta, as well as Asuka of Fahren, are definitely these. And so is the evil side of Princess Emeraude.
  • Maken-ki!:
    • Himagami is the daughter of Yatsuno, bka Yamato no Orochi, and Osuo no Mikoto the first prince of the Yamato Court; which makes her a certified Blue Blood and a demigoddess. Thus, she's an inherently high-level summoner and a spellcaster.
    • During the Venus arc, she stunned Akaya when he saw she was able to challenge Martha Minerva directly, while the latter was using Aegis. Meaning, her ability also exceeded SS-rank. Which ties her with Minerva as the series most powerful character overall.
    • And during the Okino Island chapters (30-59), her friends tried to protect her from Ouken Yamato. But in the end, she succeeded where they couldn't, by defeating Ouken herself.
  • Princess Suyaris from Maou-Jou De Oyasumi (for certain definitions of "badass"). She has free run of the Demon King's castle, and regularly terrifies its inhabitants, but it's all in the name of nothing more than a good night's sleep.
  • Princess Pride of Mega Man NT Warrior begins as just an ordinary, if not slightly Tomboy, princess. But by season 3, she joins the Cross Fusion heroes and joins in the rest of the fights. She also has arguably the strongest Cross Fusion body from all the heroes.
  • The original Mobile Suit Gundam features Sayla Mass, former princess and Ace Pilot of The Federation, as well as a shockingly evil example in Princess Kycilia Zabi of Zeon. Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn adds Mineva Lao Zabi who dedicates everything to end the long conflict.
  • Maria Louise from Mobile Fighter G Gundam evolves from Tomboy Princess into this when she volunteers to destroy a cornerpost rodeated by a lethal forcefield via a molotov cocktail.
  • Cagalli, the Rebellious Princess of the Orb Union in Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, is an exceptional Humongous Mecha pilot, and the only non-Coordinator known to be able to enter the SEED mode.
  • Relena Darlian/Peacecraft of Mobile Suit Gundam Wing combines this with Badass Pacifist. Stands up to the biggest Badass of the series? Check. Stands up to her own brother? Check. Stands up to the group that wanted to manipulate her and in turn manipulates them? Check.
  • Murder Princess has a princess who is not a badass, but a "Freaky Friday" Flip makes her switch bodies with a Bounty Hunter.
  • Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind has the title character Nausicaa and antagonist (later in the manga, comrade) Princess Kushana, who can face down insect hordes and armies without flinching. Nausicaa leans towards Badass Pacifism, whereas Kushana is more a soldier.
  • One Piece:
    • Nefertari Vivi, princess of Alabasta, who leaves her country and infiltrates a group of bounty hunters, making her way up to the top brass, to discover the identity of the ringleader who's planning a coup against her father; lost her cover, she joins the Straw Hat pirates to fight openly against the usurper, and finally manages to stop a civil war by SCREAMING "STOP" IN THE MIDDLE OF A BATTLEFIELD. She's not at the level of the main heroes for strength, but surely she doesn't lack guts.
    • Viola and Rebecca, the fallen princesses of Dressrosa. The former is an unwilling, but powerful assassin who can see through everyone and everything (Literally and figuratively), and the latter fights battle after battle in the Corrida Colosseum, defeating opponents without hurting them (as she hates fighting and made a promise to her late mother to not hurt anyone), and at the tender age of sixteen.
  • Outlanders has Princess Kahm, who fights for the man she loves instead of the other way around.
  • Princess Sapphire, the eponymous Princess Knight, is likely the Trope Maker in manga and anime. Having been made back in The '50s by Osamu Tezuka, the series is commonly cited as the main influence for many female writers who would eventually revolutionize the shoujo genre and make this a popular character archetype.
  • Pumpkin Scissors has Alice L. Malvin, who despite being in charge of "Joke Squad" is a master of the sword and one of most badass characters in show (including several Super Soldiers)
  • Queen's Blade: The Vance Sisters are a sibling trio of badasses:
  • Sailor Moon, as well as the rest of the Sailor Senshi/Sailor Scouts, who are eventually revealed to be princesses in their own right.
  • Seikoku no Dragonar has the Lautreamount sisters of the Lautreamount Knight Country: Silvia the fourth princess who is a Dragonar and Veronica who once killed 100 men without getting injured. Eco, Ash Blake's dragon who takes a form of a young girl, is the Imperial Princess of Avalon; she once fended off a group of assassins who were sent to capture her, defeating most of them.
  • Amelia Wil Tesla Seyruun of Slayers, despite being a princess, also dubs herself as a hero of justice. Despite not being as powerful as her traveling companions, she can hold her own in a battle, and never backs down from a villain. She is also the most adept at White Magic.
  • So, I Can't Play H!: The Restall Family are high-ranking nobility among the shinigami and preside over Grimwald. As its future heiress, Lisara wields immense power over flames and the legendary scythe, Caldoon Pradul. So she takes it upon herself to travel to the human world in search of "The One" who can help her save her world from Gardalbolg.
  • Ako Shirabe/Cure Muse of Suite Pretty Cure ♪ is easily this. Kinda-sorta with Hikari Kujou/Shiny Luminous of Futari wa Pretty Cure MaX Heart as she's the reincarnation of the Queen. Hime Shirayuki/Cure Princess of Happiness Charge Pretty Cure? Not so much.
  • Ayeka and Sasami of Tenchi Muyo! fit here. While Ayeka isn't as powerful as Ryoko and Tenchi, standing up to Kagato when the latter was thought dead isn't something to laugh about. Then again, Nine times out of ten, she's arguing with Ryoko, so… As for Sasami, in the OVA, discounting her bond with Tsunami, she's shown to have a proficiency for staffs great enough to disarm a high-ranking Galaxy Police officer and enough skill to evade said officer's traps. In Tenchi in Tokyo, she was given control of Ryo-Ohki this time around, which dumps its OVA-only humanoid transformation for a mecha transformation, which Sasami shows to really work on the initial Monster of the Week that showed up.
  • Although NOT action-oriented, To Love-Ru's Princess Lala of Deviluke is no slouch in combat with her main weakness being her tail. Though her tail is also her greatest strength, as it can fire incredibly powerful laser beams out of its tip. And when a situation comes up where she's forced to become action-oriented s he was able to fight evenly with a Brainwashed and Crazy Golden Darkness, at the cost of temporarily reverting to Sleep-Mode Size after the battlenote .
  • Princess Mononoke is, despite her title, not technically a princess since doesn't control an actual kingdom.note  She is most technically a badass as she rides into battle with her family of wolves, fights expertly with a spear, and is not afraid to get her face covered with blood.

    Comic Books 
  • Iolande of the Green Lantern Corps was this, being a princess who was chosen to be a Green Lantern. Unfortunately, she had to take up the mantle of Queen since she was the sole survivor of her world's royal family. Her advisers refuse to let her go In Harm's Way, limiting her chances to be badass.
  • Princess Jadina from Les Légendaires is a rare example of Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass version of this trope. When you see her, she acts like a shallow, clumsy, sweet girl who will cry if she cannot have beautiful dresses or a bath and is afraid of bees (much to the annoyance of her teammate Shimy). Do not get fooled by that though; Jadina also is one of the most powerful magicians in her world, a very competent Guile Heroine, and quite possibly the one in her team with the most destructive power. In fact, the few times she ends up as a Damsel in Distress, she still ends up saving her comrades' skins.
  • Legion of Super-Heroes: Princess (later Queen) Projectra of Orando, whose illusions are so potent they can drive her targets mad. She's also a deadly martial artist, combining the skills her parents taught her, with Legion training, and private lessons from her boyfriend (later husband and Prince-Consort) Karate Kid (the greatest fighter in the DC Universe). Later, in her Sensor Girl identity, she gained enhanced physical senses and the power to see through any illusions or lies created by others, making her one of the most well-rounded, and dangerous, Legionnaires around.
  • Princess Kavatah in Megalex. She leads her troops into battle personally.
  • Jena Makarov from Nikolai Dante was raised to be a future ruler of The Empire and was taught how to fence from an early age. Any time they've fought, Nikolai has got the upper hand purely by virtue of being the dirtiest fighter in the empire.
  • Princess Adrienne from Princeless. Not only does she decide that doesn't need a prince to rescue her, but she actively mocks a number of the racist and misogynistic tropes present in most fairy tales.
  • Princess Ugg revolves around Ugla, warrior princess from a kingdom of Horny Vikings, attending an academy for Princess Classics.
  • Psylocke in the House of M reality is Princess of United Kingdom, sister to Captain Britain the King.
  • Teen Titans: Princess Koriand'r of Tamaran, a.k.a Starfire. Her wicked sister Komand'r (Blackfire) also counts.
  • Princess Diana of Themiscyra, a.k.a. Wonder Woman, who happens to be a member of the Justice League. Depending on the Writer she ranges from the second strongest of Earth's heroes to no worse than fifth strongest, and is almost always the strongest woman on Earth and often in the running of World's Most Beautiful Woman.
  • Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld is badass enough to fight a crazed Spectre and LIVE.
  • Lady Death. While technically not a princess, rather a noblewoman and daughter to a feudal lord, she managed to overthrow Satan himself and rule Hell's throne in her own right. Her friend, Princess Satasha of Aberffraw, is a straighter example, being a skilled thief / magic user and an actual monarch's daughter.
  • America Chavez from Young Avengers is this. She's a Princess of an alternate universe and is seriously badass. How badass you ask? She's been superheroing since she was ten and kicks holes in the universe. Oh...and shes a Badass Gay
  • Marasiah Fel, who's very likely a descendant of Princess Leia, in Star Wars: Legacy helped the rebels of the period fight the Sith and eventually became Empress after the death of her father, Roan Fel.

    Fan Work 
  • An interesting case in Dungeon Keeper Ami - after she becomes Empress Ami might qualify, as a small, slight girl of fourteen. She has received combat training, however, as a prominent element of several story arcs. Her adopted sister, Tiger, manages to fall even further outside the bounds of this trope, as she is essentially a being of pure magic and anthromorphic...well, tiger. Not to mention prominently muscled and inclined to a crass, or at least Genki Girl, personality.
  • In Equestria: A History Revealed, Celestia's forces gain a much-needed lead over the Nightmare forces three times their number in the Battle of Canterlot due to Celestia unleashing a powerful explosive barrier spell beforehand. In all of the battles of the Equestrian Civil War, when retaking cities, Celestia was always at the forefront of each one, fighting alongside her army.
    • Upon being taken by surprise and ambushed upon their initial arrival at the start of the Civil War in the Battle of Peleannor Beach, Celestia raised a protective barrier over her royal guards and shielded them from the torrents of offensive blasts that rained upon them as they fled into safer territory.
  • One Kim Possible fanfic turns Kim into this as a cross between Xena: Warrior Princess and Red Sonja.
  • The My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fanfic Rites of Ascension has Princess Luna as this. Her sister claims that Luna is probably the single most dangerous thing on the planet short of Discord, and that’s while she’s still in the process of recovering from getting hit with the Elements of Harmony.
  • Being a retelling of Dragon Age: Origins (see below), Shadow And Rose has one of these in Elissa Cousland, the deuteragonist. Oghren even calls her "Princess" as an Affectionate Nickname. Later, upon marrying Alistair, she gets upgraded to Badass Queen.
  • In Danny Phantom stories that depict Danny as King of the Ghost Zone Danielle is usually treated as one.

    Film - Animation 
  • Princess Kida in Atlantis: The Lost Empire. In a brief yet oh-so-satisfying action scene in which she flips one of Rourke's gas-mask mooks over her head and into the drink when he pulls her out by the hair, knees a guy in the crotch, physically lifting him off his feet! Bashes another in the skull with the butt of his buddy's rifle while trying to wrench it free from its owner, and knocks another soldier to the ground while drawing her knife to dispatch him. Even better when she showcases skills as a hunter/gatherer and is implied to have dealt lethally with any explorers encroaching on Atlantean boarders for thousands of years
  • In the Pixar film, Brave, Mérida is more than willing to take on a bear that's over twice her size. She eventually decides that she won't let random guys she's never met compete for her hand in marriage. She also has enough skill with a bow and arrow to put Katniss Everdeen or Hawkeye to shame.
  • Dragons: Fire & Ice. What does female lead Princess Kyra do when she's surrounded by evil orcs? Simple. She kicks their asses. Or burns them.
  • Princess Anna in Frozen smacks down a wolf with a lute, fends off a giant Snowlem, sacrifices her life for her sister, and punches her ex-fiance in the face, sending him flying over a railing. She is most assuredly badass. Her sister, Queen Elsa, has ice powers that can kill people via impaling or giant snowmen. Luckily for everyone, she doesn't actually go through with killing people.
  • Mulan is easily the poster girl of Badass Disney Princesses, with this being a key basis of the premise itself. She's a slight subversion because she's not a princess, but she's considered part of the princess lineup nonetheless.
  • Tiana is a working class young woman who marries into the position, but badass? You bet. Even pinned down, turned into a frog, and Facilier's hellish "friends" closing in, she still manages to use her head, wits, and tongue to send the bad doctor kicking and screaming into hell.
  • Princess Fiona from the Shrek movies shows definite badass tendencies, such as fighting off bandits with kung fu and headbutting Prince Charming. In Shrek Forever After, Alternate Universe Fiona gets tired of waiting to be rescued, so she breaks out and becomes leader of La Résistance. The other princesses in Shrek the Third Took a Level in Badass to fight Prince Charming. Especially Snow White, who uses her power to summon woodland creatures to assault Charming's minions. Also, the Queen shows Fiona from which side of the family she got her fighting skills by headbutting through two walls. She doesn't feel so good after the second wall, though. Understandable since she's getting on in years.
  • Strange Magic: Princess Marianne, whose response to her sister being kidnapped by the local Evil Overlord is to break into his castle and fight him to a standstill. In contrast, her sister Dawn is a Princess Classic.
  • Rapunzel from Tangled also counts, even if she doesn't know she's a princess for most of the movie. She knocks out a tall and strong thief with a single blow of her frying pan, and then forces him to escort her to the kingdom without showing a single hint of fear. She also stays brave and determined even when going into a Bad-Guy Bar full of dangerous criminals twice her size.
  • Maria Posada from The Book of Life is a badass who's also the daughter of General Posada, the leader of San Angel.
  • Ariel from The Little Mermaid was probably the first badass Disney princess and was most certainly the first to save her prince. The TV series, sequel and her appearance in the Kingdom Hearts video game only solidified her badassery. Ariel was the only female party member in the first game (unless you count Tinkerbell, who was a summon), and knew powerful Fire/Ice/Lightning magic, among others.
  • In The Lion King, Sarabi leads the lionesses who do the hunting. However, it's only mentioned when there's no food to hunt. There's also Nala, who almost kills Pumbaa and always pins Simba when they wrestle.
  • Vanellope von Schweetz from Wreck-It Ralph casually confronts Ralph, a Punch-Clock Villain most people are scared of, repeatedly outsmarts King Candy and his guards who (fail to) hunt her down like an animal, and eventually becomes a Badass Driver with Ralph's help. She is eventually revealed to be a princess, and she turns down the title to become a president instead. Vanellope is all badass.

    Film - Live Action 
  • Star Wars
    • Princess Leia started as the Badass in Distress. She even managed to take out a stormtrooper before getting captured. Through most of the series, she is a prominent and useful fighter; even Go-Go Enslavement doesn't stop her from using the chains binding her as weapons.
    • She gets it from her mom, former elected Princess of Theed and Queen of Naboo. Padme was in the thick of it during not only the battle of Theed 10 years before the Clone Wars, but during several engagements during that conflict, including Geonosis. She fought in and survived a battle that killed off dozens of Jedi.
  • Leia's expy Princess Vespa of Spaceballs is a Royal Brat but does have a Berserk Button...
  • Neytiri from Avatar is not only a daughter of her tribe's chief, but also an excellent hunter, warrior and banshee rider who actively participates in the final battle .
  • Anna Valerious is a Princess of the Gypsies in Van Helsing, though she's more of a Faux Action Girl throughout the course of the movie.
  • Princess Snow White in Snow White and the Huntsman takes command of the Duke's army and leads them into battle against her stepmother, Queen Ravenna.
  • Princess Khulan, daughter of Mongol lord Khush Khan in Tsogt Taij. After finding out that her father has betrayed Mongolia and is working with the Chinese and Tibetans, she not only denounces him, but puts on armor and fights in the army of loyal Mongol lord Tsogt Taij. She is shot by an arrow and killed in the climactic battle between Tsogt Taij and Khush Khan.

  • Alice from Super Powereds. While she isn't technically a princess, she is the daughter of someone who might as well be a king, and she is most definitely a force to be reckoned with, especially after she figures out her real power.
  • Arya from Inheritance Cycle is Queen Islanzadi's daughter and becomes Queen herself in the last book, but you probably know her better as the queen's liaison to the Varden and guardian of dragon eggs.
  • Princess Eilonwy from The Chronicles of Prydain participates in several of the final battles.
  • Éowyn from The Lord of the Rings is the niece of King Théoden, the granddaughter of his father King Thengel, and rides into battle taking out the leader of the Ringwraiths (a task Gandalf failed to accomplish), although he was destined not to fall to the hand of any man. Emphasis on the man part. Though not technically a princess, she was close enough to count in a rough sense, especially as Rohirrim were a "heroic" society; they may not have been as legalistic about aristocratic terms as one which had evolved into a Vestigial Empire. Also after the death of Théodred, her brother is named Théoden's heir. And at the end of the trilogy she marries Faramir, and Aragorn names them Prince and Princess of Ithilien. She's decided to be a Retired Badass at that point, but it still counts.
  • Lúthien from The Silmarillion is specifically a princess, and while she doesn't physically fight, between her magical abilities and pure grit (staring down the Physical Gods of Evil and Death in succession just cements it) she more than qualifies as badass. The Quest of the Silmaril - assigned to her beloved Beren as the requirement for being able to marry her, and involving stealing one of the most valuable items in Middle-earth from the most powerful being in Middle-earthnote  - is accomplished pretty much entirely by Lúthien, with Beren contributing comparatively little.
  • Mathilda Arminger of the Emberverse rides with Rudi Mackenzie's war band, and is one of the most effective swords at his back.
  • Tavia of Tjanath, the heroine of Edgar Rice Burroughs' A Fighting Man of Mars goes through all the usual Burroughs perils, but she's anything but a typical helpless Burroughs heroine.
    • Thuvia of Ptarth, Carter's daughter Tara of Helium, and Tara's daughter Llana of Gathol aren't entirely helpless eye-candy either.
  • In the Star Wars Expanded Universe, as much as in the films, Leia Organa is impressive. In terms of righteous fury, she's definitely inherited something from her father. Leia's daughter Jaina Solo grows up to be an Ace Pilot and one of the most formidable Jedi of her generation.
    • Also Tenel Ka Djo. She was princess of the Hapes Cluster and a Jedi Knight.
  • The Princess Series by Jim C. Hines runs on this trope: Danielle Whiteshore (nee De Glas), Talia Malak El-Dashat and Ermellina Curtana are all decidedly badass in their own unique ways.
  • Ysabelle, the squirrel princess in Robin Jarvis' The Oaken Throne, actively helps her friends to battle the villains they encounter, and in the end single-handedly takes down the Big Bad, the evil rat god Hobb who threatened to unleash chaos upon the world.
  • Dune:
    • Jessica, due to her Bene Gesserit upbringing; Fremen leader Stilgar even worries when he first meets her that she'd end up ruling his people (the toughest warriors in the known galaxy) through Asskicking Equals Authority alone. She's technically not a princess, but she's the natural daughter of a Baron, concubine of a Duke, and mother of one God-Emperor and grandmother of another one.
    • Her daughter-in-law Chani is technically this to the Fremen, as the daughter of Liet-Kynes and every bit as tough as any full-blooded Fremen man or woman.
    • Her granddaughter Ghanima would be a literal example, especially after surviving an assassination attempt involving remote-controlled tigers.
  • Shakuntala in the Belisarius Series. When the master assassin Rao came to rescue her from the palace she was imprisoned in the first volume, he smashed into her chambers to find that she has crushed the throat of one guard and was in the process of breaking the other's neck with her bare hands... or at least trying to.
  • Ashlin in The Bone Palace by Amanda Downum. She's naturally a warrior, and only reluctantly a Princess.
  • Miya Black, Pirate Princess
  • Princess Thirrin Freer Strong-in-the-Arm Lindenshield, Wildcat of the North from The Icemark Chronicles definitely counts. Not only can she hurl a throwing ax with the best of the Housecarls, but she battled an army of hundreds of thousands led by the wily General Scipio Bellorum and won! She manages to persuade murderous vampires, werewolves, sentient trees and bigass cats to help her in the war, without being eaten! This isn't even mentioning her other moments of badassery from the sequels, either...
  • She doesn't start off as a princess (except in the story within the story), but Nell from The Diamond Age is definitely a Badass, and more than earns her title.
  • Bronwyn from Bronwyn's Bane. She's expert with a sword.
  • The title character in the innovative feminist Fairy Tale classic The Paper Bag Princess, who rescues her prince from a dragon. He then refuses to marry her because she doesn't look beautiful anymore—she had to improvise an outfit, and she tells the ingrate to buzz off and goes off to live her own life.
  • Snow White in The Sisters Grimm series teaches a self-defense course whose members are called "The Bad Apples".
    • When the conflict with the Scarlet Hand escalates from random, secret evil plans to a full out formal war, nearly all the traditional fairy tale princesses participate (though what side they choose varies) and everyone fights or somehow uses their powers to help their side's war effort.
  • Susan, Lucy, and Aravis in The Chronicles of Narnia, though the first two are Queens and the last one is minor Calormene nobility (who later becomes Queen of Archenland).
  • In the Kris Longknife series, Kris is a princess and a badass Space Navy officer.
  • Fisher from Hawk and Fisher by Simon R. Green is revealed to be a princess at one point. This makes sense, as she'd started out as a deliberate Princess Classic subversion in Blue Moon Rising, before running off with the Prince Charming subversion to adopt new identities as Badass Cops.
  • Parodied in one of the stories in the Chicks in Chainmail anthology, where training academies have sprung up specifically because Badass Princesses are in style. Tough luck for the very, very Princess Classic protagonist.
  • Princess Laurana from Dragonlance. She single-handedly takes out the immensely powerful Dragon Highlord Feal-Thas, delivers a Shut Up, Hannibal! lecture via arrow to the arm to Dragonarmy general Bakaris, and wins the Battle of the High Clerist's Tower by successfully controlling a Dragon Orb, despite not having any magical training. She proves so badass that Lord Gunthar Uth Wistan gives her command of his armies, at which point she also becomes a Four-Star Badass as the Golden General.
  • Princess Cimorene from the Enchanted Forest Chronicles. She learns swordfighting, magic and Latin, and volunteers for a dragon.
  • Princess Thayet jian Wilima in Lioness Rampant. She's skilled with a crossbow and, along with her bodyguard, takes it on herself to guard a group of refugee children to the safety of a convent.
  • While most of her badassery was done before Ozma made her a princess, Princess Dorothy is still considered the Land of Oz's heroine and champion. She's still pretty strong-willed and feisty even with a crown on her head. Princess Ozma herself is a delicate and dainty thing, but very much a badass sorceress when circumstances call for it. Neither princess takes very kindly to anyone threatening the peaceful citizens of Oz, or each other.
  • Trapped on Draconica: All four dragokin sisters but for different reasons:
  • Princess Suriyothai (aka The Ambassador) from The Big One stores is the epitome of this trope.
  • It's expected in the world of A Brother's Price, where women are the fighters and rulers. Ren really has to step up when her handsome fiance is kidnapped.
    • Her adult sisters want to come, too, but are told to stay at home because the realm needs some spare heirs, just in case. And then there are the adorable child princesses who play with toy soldiers.
  • In Fiona Patton's Tales of the Branion Realm series, gender is no object, and royal women are knights and do a lot of fighting. In the first book, the Crown Prince's betrothed brings her weapons and squire on their tour of the country and helps fight off an attack on the party. Later, she becomes very angry at him over her pregnancy, because it means she won't be allowed to go with him to war.
  • The Firebird Trilogy: Firebird, youngest daughter of the Netaian queen, had a choice between going into advanced music studies or going into the military. She chose the military, and has repeatedly demonstrated her fighting skills and courage. She also has no diplomatic skills, contrasting with her sisters, Princess Classic Carradee and Politically Active Princess Phoena.
  • A Song of Ice and Fire: Daenerys Targaryen, though she styles herself as Queen. Then there's the Sand Snakes, the bastard daughters of Prince Oberyn Martell of Dorne.
    • Not to mention Arya Stark, Princess of the North who learns how to sword fight, travels through a warzone disguised as a boy, helps overthrow the commanding garrison holding her prisoner, escapes and drags her friends along with her, ably manipulates one of the deadliest assassins in the world, travels with a band of outlaws and has a rapidly growing kill list. All at the age of ten. Especially pronounced as her badassery developed in earnest pretty much the day she acquired the title of Princess. She started out as a high ranking but non-royal noble girl with a fairly sheltered life, then became a proper Princess when her family declared their own independent kingdom at the exactly the same time she went on the run and started surviving on her own.
  • King Arthur's daughter Rhianna in Katherine Roberts' Pendragon Legacy series.
  • The Xanth series, where pretty much every female character is a badass in her own right.
  • In Fool, the re-telling of King Lear from the view of Pocket, Lear's "Black Fool," it's revealed that this story's version of Cordelia ends up as one, conquering many lands, including Spain. Why is Pocket stunned by this when he learns it? Because "she was rubbish at chess." Real war, he thinks, must be easier for her.
  • Sister Fidelma is a fictional sister to a historical King of seventh-century Ireland. As a religieuse, she doesn't go armed but is still capable of defending herself in hand-to-hand with a now-obscure Irish martial art.
  • Honor Harrington has several examples:
    • The first is Abigail Hearns, Miss Owens, daughter of Steadholder Owens. Abigail is a petite woman with waist-length brown hair, who is consistently described as "cute as a button". Raised on Grayson, a backwater planet where women are traditionally not expected to do anything other than be wives and mothers, Abigail browbeat her father into letting her study every hard science course she could get her hands on. When she finally came of age, Abigail was the first native-born Grayson woman to go through Saganami Island, Manticore's Naval Academynote . She passed Saganami with flying colours and graduated sixth in a class of eleven thousand. She is currently serving as the Chief Tactical Officer on a brand-spanking-new modern destroyer, on the fast-track for independent command, and quickly making a name for herself as one of the best tactical minds of her generation.
    • In the back-story, Emperor Gustav Anderman VII definitely qualifies. When her older brother, heir to the throne of the Andermani Empire, was killed, the male line was extinguished and it seemed the Empire would descend into petty dynastic squabbles between her cousins. Instead of letting that happen, she marched her bodyguards into the Chambers of Parliament, forced Parliament to legally declare her a man and eligible to inherit the throne at gunpoint, and essentially dared her cousins to try to make their complaints stick. Gustav VII is to this day the longest-reigning and best regarded Andermani Emperor in history.
    • Helen Zilwiki doesn't consider herself a princess but since her adopted sister the a Queen of Torch and Helen is legally her heir (at least until Berry has children of her own) she is probably technically a princess. Her martial arts training certainly makes her a badass.
  • All the female members of the Valdemar Royal Family in Heralds of Valdemar. Also Princess Idra of Rethwellen who renounced her place in the succession to become a mercenary captain.
  • A Mage's Power: Princess Kasile of Ataidar takes lessons in both martial arts and combat magic. She's not as good as professional soldiers, but she can take care of herself fine.
  • In the Nightrunner series, the nation of Skala has a divinely-mandated matriarchal militarist monarchy. Badass Princesses are therefore the norm, and early in the series the reigning Queen's middle daughter is considered ineligible for the throne, unlike her older and younger sisters, because she has chosen to eschew military pursuits and be a socialite. The eldest sister is a general and the youngest a cavalry commander. This leads to a fair bit of intrigue, because nobody is stupid enough to think that killing or capturing them would be easy.
  • Shannara has had a few, most of them from the Elessedil family:
    • Elf Queen of Shannara reveals that Action Girl Wren Ohmsford is actually Wren Elessedil, granddaughter of the current Queen of the Elves, and her designated successor. Having grown up with the Rovers, Wren can more than take of herself, and her discovery that the Elfstones in her possession are real allows her to take on even the Shadowen with ease.
    • High Druid Of Shannara introduces Khyber Elessedil, younger daughter of the Elven King, apprentice Druid, and current wielder of the Elfstones. She's one of the few Druids to stay loyal to Grianne Ohmsford after Shadea a'Ru's coup, and joins the quest to free her. By Dark Legacy of Shannara, she has taken Grianne's place as High Druid, and become a genuinely frightening Lady of War, whose advanced age barely slows her down. It takes Tael Riverine to bring her down, and even he has to cheat.
    • Aphenglow Elessedil, granddaughter of King Emprowen Elessedil was introduced in Dark Legacy, where she was forced to learn how to fight when Edjina Orle came for her and her sister. By The Defenders of Shannara, she has succeeded Khyber as High Druid and Lady of War.
  • Ruda of The Gods Are Bastards combines this with Pirate Girl, being princess of a pirate nation and still comfortably able to fight alongside demigods and paladins.
  • Rei Acerba Bathory of Zero Sight combines this with Dark Action Girl, being considered a princess by her evil vampire kin. She can kill trolls and werewolves using a box cutter and even has a One-Winged Angel mode. She is also the series Deuteragonist and main love interest.
  • Saryahblööd, the Order's princess from Noob and its Spin-Off Neogicia is shown beating the pulp out of quite a few enemies little after her introduction in both works.
  • Princess Imperial Melodía of The Dinosaur Lords morphs into a badass when situation calls - partway through book two she's slaying dinosaur knights while on horseback.
  • And I Darken: Princess Ladislav is the daughter of the prince of Walachia. Even as a child she was ugly, cruel, and a ruthless fighter, and she only gets more talented as she grows older, eventually commanding her own force of Jannisaries specifically to protect Mehmed. However, while she holds the title of Princess, she isn't exactly a normal case, having been ransomed to the Ottoman Empire at a young age and without a throne or country. this changes at the end of the book, when Mehmed makes her a prince, and she rides back to her country to rule.
  • Every single princess in Wings of Fire qualifies as this. Justified because princesses have to be adequately trained in order to defeat their mother/sister/aunt if they want to take the throne. Also, princes and princesses are often army generals or military leaders. Special mentions go to Tsunami, Burn and Blister, Icicle, and Tourmaline.
  • The Princess in Black fits this trope, although it is somewhat imperfect because she does not flaunt her awesome skills in her role as as Princess Magnolia.

    Live Action TV 
  • Xena: Warrior Princess is something of an odd case, considering Xena was called a princess, but wasn't of noble birth and never ruled a kingdom. Gabrielle, on the other hand, is an actual princess of the Amazons.
  • Lady Morgana from Merlin fits this trope, especially after the season three reveal.
  • Delenn in Babylon 5, being a member of the Grey Council for part of the series, generally not afraid of anybody or their armada, and being a descendent of Valen. And being a Badass.
  • Sci Fi Channel's Tin Man miniseries has two of them.
  • Super Sentai / Power Rangers:
  • Princess Deirdre was one of The Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nóg.
  • Snow White in Once Upon a Time was exiled to the forest by her wicked stepmother, and became a bandit, meeting Prince Charming by robbing his carriage!
    • Her daughter? Well, Emma started out hunting bail-jumpers in Boston and that's even before she picked up a sword...
  • Ling'er in Chinese Paladin. She starts out as The Ingenue, but after leveling up becomes a Lady of War.
  • Game of Thrones
    • Daenerys Targaryen is a princess of the Targaryen family, who used to rule the Seven Kingdoms. However, the family was overthrown, so she and her brother are not technically royal in that aspect. She marries a Khal (warlord) of the Dothraki and becomes his Khaleesi, wherein she turns into a powerful badass and leader. She hatches some dragon eggs and becomes commonly known as "Mother of Dragons," a reference to both her dragon-hatching and her royal ties to the Seven Kingdoms and Targaryen family. She attempts to take the Seven Kingdoms back from the current rulers.
    • Arya Stark is the sister of Robb Stark, who was named King in the North by his people, making his siblings princes and princesses. She is a very good archer and swordsman, and is depicted throughout the series as a tomboyish rebel. Eventually, she disguises herself as a boy when she is on the run, and learns to defend herself and kick ass in order to survive. Jon Snow, her other brother, was named King in the North after Robb which makes her still a princess.
    • Arya's older sister Sansa Stark is also one by the end of Season 6, in her Silk Hiding Steel way. Using her guile and political knowledge, she with Jon Snow managed to retake Winterfell from Ramsay Bolton, reunite the few Northern houses left still loyal to the Starks and get the Vale army from Littlefinger. She became a princess when her brother, Robb Stark, was named King in the North. She remains a true princess as her other brother, Jon Snow, now retains that title.

  • Jonathan Coulton sings of "The Princess who Saved Herself"
  • "Rich Fantasy Lives", a Filk Song by Tom Smith and Rob Balder:
    That waitress at Pete's, who took so long to seat you
    And left you to stand in the doorway
    With her stringy red hair, and her thousand yard stare
    In her mind, she's the princess of Norway
    As she takes down your order, she's crossing the fjord
    Her white stallion spits foam like a madman
    Many vikings have died trying to take her as bride
    But her heart is reserved for a bad man

    Myth and Religion 

    Tabletop Games 
  • In a later Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Terminal storyline, Emilia is known as the Dance Princess of the Nekroz. Her special effect prevents the negation of Nekroz ritual spells and protects Nekroz Ritual monsters against card effects that target them. She also can turn into the Nekroz of Gungnir.
  • In Unicornus Knights, Princess Cornelia doesn't take the Empire's invasion lying down, vowing to defeat them and reclaim the throne. Unfortunately, she's a Leeroy Jenkins who attempts to head straight for the capital, and will not avoid a fight, even one she will clearly lose.

    Theme Parks 

    Video Games 
  • Aurora, the titular Child of Light and daughter of an Austrian duke, fights evil with a huge sword and light magic. It also turns out her mother is the Queen of Light.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog: Blaze the Cat, essentially a pyrokinetic Lady of War from another dimension with some serious issues. As if that wasn't enough, her version of Eggman is said to be much crueler than Sonic's, and unlike Sonic, she has no friends to turn to for assistance, at least not until she meets Sonic and his friends.
  • Princess Natalia from Tales of the Abyss is very proficient with a bow and arrow, accompanies Luke and his pals on their journey, helps solve political issues, never gets kidnapped, (okay, maybe once, for about ten seconds) and stands for her nation no matter what.
  • Estelle from Tales of Vesperia. While she does get abducted for a time, she stands tall in the heat of battle.
  • Multiple in Tears to Tiara 2. Elissa is the daughter of the leader of the merchant people of Qart Hadast who easily crush skulls with her giant hammer. Artio is the Dual Wielding princess of the Suebi. Ashtarte the war goddess is daughter of the leaders of the Ba'al gods.
  • Fire Emblem has a lot of badass princesses:
    • In the fourth game, there's Princess Ayra, with her punishing "Shooting Star Sword" ability; she even threatened to kill her "master" if he ever double-crossed her and her charge Shannan. Also, Ayra's daughter Larcei, who has all of her mother's skills and might pick up good ones from her father as well (depending on who the player chooses for that role, but unlike many of the second-generation characters it's impossible for the choice of father to actually be detrimental to Larcei; she just inherits too much badass from her mother), as well as Princess Tailto of Freege, though she meets a really sad end.
      • Princess Raquesis and her daughter Nanna. They both start as a weird mix of Action Girl and White Magician Girl, but can properly become this with training.
      • Princess Briggid of Jungby is a subversion, as she was kidnapped as a child and became a Pirate Girl. She never 100% takes up the princess role; after reuniting with her sister Princess Adean... well, shit happened, which left her amnesiac and traumatised for years, though she eventually regains her memories.
      • And then we also have Princess Altena, a Lady of War Dragon Rider from Thracia. Actually from Manster, as she's the long-lost sister of Prince Leaf of Lester.
    • Thracia 776 gives us Fallen Princess Miranda of Alster, a Hot-Blooded Magical Girl Warrior. Leif's childhood friend Mareeta is the Fallen Princess of Rivough, but she doesn't really seem to acknowledge it and chooses to go Walking the Earth instead.
    • The Archanea games feature Caeda/Shiida, the original badass princess from the series. She is the princess of Talys and serves as an invaluable addition to Marth's army, both as a pegasus knight and as a Guile Hero who can recruit many allies to Marth's side. The games also feature Princess Minerva, starting a trend in the series of a female dracoknight who joins late in the game.
    • Lyn from Blazing Sword, who is both the princess of the Lorca tribe in the Sacae plains and the heir to the throne of Caelin in Lycia.
    • Once she throws away the Distress Ball, Princess Lilina from Binding Blade becomes a Magical Girl Warrior version. There's also Sue of the Kutolah tribe in Sacae (who can also potentially be the daughter of the aforementioned Lyn).
    • And the three princesses from The Sacred Stones: Eirika (Lady of War), Tana (Plucky GirlLady of War) and L'Arachel (White Magician GirlMagical Girl Warrior).
    • Elincia joined the ranks when she Took a Level in Badass at the end of Path Of Radiance.
    • In Awakening we have Lucina, potentially the most powerful character in the game, plus her possible sisters Cynthia or Kjelle, neither of whom is a stranger to combat. Lissa also can become this after being promoted or reclassed, while Say'ri of Chon'sin is badass right from the get-go. And if we count princesses by marriage, then all of Chrom's potential wives will count, since none of them will stay at the Ylisstol palace when it's time to go to war with Valm.
      • Morgan also qualifies if she is the daughter of Say'ri, Lissa, or Lucina.
    • If the Player Character of Fates is a girl, she's this through and through. Camilla and Hinoka are this as well, while their little sisters Elise and Sakura will upgrade to this if well-trained. And Azura, a Nohrian princess raised in Hoshido, also qualifies. And again, if princesses by marriage count, then all the potential wives of the male royals count since they fight alongside their husbands.
  • In Mortal Kombat, Kitana is so badass, she isn't afraid to kill. (Also qualifies as a Rebellious Princess, as she was working for the Big Bad originally, but later changed sides.)
  • Onmyōji: You realize that Kagura is this when she's revealed to be the younger sister of Hiromasa, who has royal blood.
  • The Legend of Zelda:
    • The title character of the series spent its first entries getting rescued, but has become increasingly badass as the franchise has gone on. At the end of Ocarina of Time, Princess Zelda is revealed to have been disguised as a freakin' ninja, then helps unlock barriers during the escape from Ganon's Tower, and even pins him down while Link delivers the fatal blow. In The Wind Waker and Twilight Princess she battles alongside Link with her light arrows for the Final Battle, and in Spirit Tracks, Zelda possesses Phantoms, actually fights beside Link, and is even playable for certain segments.
    • Midna, the titular Twilight Princess, definitely qualifies as well, given that she helps Link out during combat, paralyzing a group of enemies in an energy field, leaving them weak and defenseless while Wolf Link attacks them. And then there's the times she used the power of the Fused Shadows to trash Zant, or threw Beast Ganon around.
    • This trope is taken to the fullest in the Hyrule Warriors spin-off game, where both of the aforementioned characters cut down enemies by the hundreds Dynasty Warriors-style. They're joined in this by Ruto, Princess of the Zoras, who has aquatic ass-kicking powers, and Agitha, the (self-proclaimed) Princess of the Bug Kingdom, who adorably beats down baddies with her parasol.
    • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has Zelda in this role again (despite being a noncombatant, she's highly intelligent and has her usual light-based sealing powers), and she's joined by Mipha, the genteel princess of the Zora who is nonetheless peerless at wielding her trident and skilled at piloting the water-based Humongous Mecha.
  • The Final Fantasy Series has many examples:
    • Princess Sara from Final Fantasy III who travels with the party early on and rescues them from a trap much later in the game.
    • Lenna, Krile, and Faris from Final Fantasy V.
    • Yuffie from Final Fantasy VII is the daughter of the Lord of Wutai, and also happens to be a ninja. Who wields a giant shuriken as a weapon, among other large, throwing-oriented pointy things.
    • Although she acts like a Princess Classic throughout Final Fantasy IX, it is Garnet's idea to escape from her castle, trek across thousands of miles of dangerous territory, and seek political assistance in stopping Queen Brahne.
    • Ashe from Final Fantasy XII faked her death so she could continue fighting for her people. She is also a Politically Active Princess.
    • Luna from Final Fantasy XV had her country invaded, her title stripped, and remained a captive of the Niflheim empire ever since. Even so, she learned to commune with the gods, becoming the youngest Oracle in history, thus allowing Tenebrae some degree of autonomy. She also aids Noctis, Crown Prince of Lucis (also her Childhood Friend and betrothed), in his journey to reclaim his throne from the Niflheim empire.
  • Disgaea
  • Hildegard Von Krone from SoulCalibur 4.
  • Marle from Chrono Trigger starts out as a Rebellious Tomboy Princess and gets in way over her head, but when she finds herself in a Bad Future, she's the one who rallies the party to Screw Destiny. She's a better healer than a fighter, which is to say she's a fantastic healer who can also throw glaciers at her enemies.
  • Angela from Seiken Densetsu 3 Took a Level in Badass (becoming a Squishy Wizard in the process) because the Queen and her Evil Chancellor would have sacrificed her to an evil god otherwise; she later forms a Battle Couple with Duran. Lize is both a princess and the strongest warrior in the country's Amazon Brigade.
  • Dragon Quest
    • Alena of Dragon Quest IV can't get her father to approve of her adventuring, so she kicks down her bedroom wall and leaves that way. Something she's clearly done before, given you have to Talk to Everyone in the castle to give the repairman enough time to board it up before making your escape. Also, her bedroom is on the third floor of the castle. She jumps. She even has to save her own fake double at one point of her chapter.
    • Dragon Quest V has a princess named Madchen Gotha, who can kick people's asses with her ice magic, and can turn herself into a dragon later on. And she's only eight years old.
  • Super Princess Peach is this trope. Mario and Luigi are captured by Bowser, and Princess Peach has to save them. This is a complete inversion of the typical storyline of many Mario platformers. Princess Peach in general has been getting a lot of this lately, especially in the RPGs. Let's count:
  • Princess Monica Raybrandt of Dark Chronicle. Not only is she the one who shanghais Max into the adventure, but she's actually the one who performs his Secret Test of Character, comes to his aid more than once, spearheads the counterattack against Emperor Griffon across two eras, is an accomplished and surprisingly agile Magic Knight with a variety of swords as big as she is and elemental magic and finally leaps headfirst into personal duels with The Dragon. Even the one time she's in distress, it's because Max himself accidentally shot down the enemy airship while she was still on board.
  • Farah from Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, and Elika from Prince of Persia (2008) (2008) even moreso. Extra badassery points go to her for doing the whole thing completely barefoot with a good dose of snark as well.
  • Rosella of Daventry from King's Quest: Willing to become a Human Sacrifice to save her homeland from a dragon in her first appearance, inspiring her long-lost brother to fight said dragon. In the next game, she takes on a quest in a dangerous and hostile land to save her dad. This involves dodging cave trolls, ogres, a triad of witches, a poisonous snake, escaping from a whale, and then killing a wicked fairy. Her second game? Rescuing an imprisoned king, attacking a were-bear, digging her way out of a volcano, and snapping her boyfriend out of Brainwashed and Crazy.
  • It's all over the place in the Dragon Age series.
    • It begins in Dragon Age: Origins with Lady Cousland and Lady Aeducan, the Human Female Noble and Dwarven Female Noble respectively. Lady Aeducan is the daughter of the dwarven King Endrin, and thus rightfully a Princess of Orzammar. Lady Cousland's father is a Teyrn, which is more on par with a Duke, but a codex in the game notes that her home region of Highever is actually a principality. The Couslands don't use princely titles, but even without them, they are second only to the actual royal family in terms of the peerage. Also, Lady Cousland is the only player character who can potentially end the game by becoming Queen of Ferelden. If Inquisition is played using an imported world state where this has happened, the Queen is still every bit as badass ten years after her coronation, and is off on a secret mission.
      • In the Awakening expansion, a female Warden from any background becomes Warden-Commander of Ferelden and, as part of the job, is declared Arlessa of Amaranthine, which makes her something like a Countess.
    • A female Hawke, protagonist of Dragon Age II, is fairly close to being this. While not officially royalty, she is a member of the noble Amell family of Kirkwall, in the Free Marches, and after the first act would technically be known as Lady Hawke. At the end of the second act, she is proclaimed Champion of Kirkwall, which is a noble-ish title all its own; and, depending on the player choices, she can finish the game being named Viscountess of Kirkwall, although she doesn't keep the title for long. Additionally, if she romances Sebastian (only available in the Exiled Prince DLC), the relationship can end with them getting married, which makes her Princess of Starkhaven.
    • Third in the lineup comes the protagonist of Dragon Age: Inquisition. The human female is a member of the Trevelyan clan of Ostwick in the Free Marches, and as the daughter of a bann (basically a baron) is styled as Lady Trevelyan. Moreover, a female player character of any origin is known as Her Worship, the Herald of Andraste, which is a holy title rather than a royal one, and spends the last two-thirds of the game also known as the Lady Inquisitor.
      • At the end of the game, a new Divine (in essence, the female Pope of the DA universe) must be selected, and the player may wish to support one of the three available options. Two of them are among your party members, and the third is one of your advisors. All three are extremely badass and the epilogue indicates they will make tremendous changes for Thedas.
      • Also from the DA franchise, appearing in the second and third games and the very first official movie, is Cassandra Pentaghast. She's a Seeker of Truth and the Right Hand of the Divine, a very powerful and formidable warrior who comes from a clan of dragonslayers. She's also a princess of the kingdom of Nevarra, being a very distant cousin of the current ruling king, although she really couldn't care less about her Royal Blood. Cass herself never states that she has claims to a princely title, but Josephine - who is very well versed in such matters - explicitly calls her a princess if the Inquisitor asks for the diplomat's opinion of Cassandra.
  • Though not exactly a princess, the Krogan female known as "Eve" in Mass Effect 3 is the only volunteer who survived a series of gruesome experiments to restore her species ability to reproduce, wears a veil, is very soft spoken, and needs to be escorted to an escort ship. When taken from her pod to step into the shuttle, another group of attackers come around the corner, to which she just grabs Wrex's shotgun and blasts them all away, stating that she doesn't need babysitting. She's still a Krogan after all.
    • Liara, being the daughter of a highly revered leadership figure within Asari society would count then, too. After all, she could flay you with her mind.
    • Arguably Tali as well. She's the daughter of a Migrant Fleet Admiral, highly respected political/military figures that run Quarian society. Although she starts off as more of a Wrench Wench than an Action Girl, she Took a Level in Badass between 1 and 2.
  • Yggdra Union: Although she becomes a Damsel in Distress during an episode, requiring her friend Milanor to go rescue her, Yggdra Yuril Artwaltz fits the trope during all remaining chapters, leading the Fantasinian Royal Army in the retaking of her kingdom, then the invasion of Bronquia, from the frontlines. In between these two campaigns, she even becomes a Badass Queen.
  • Silk Fox in Jade Empire.
  • Etrian Odyssey III has the Princess class, who boast the Royal Lineage trait. While their exact background, personality and abilities is left up to the player's imagination, any given Princess (or Prince) has ultimately chosen to challenge the extremely dangerous Labyrinth and everything that lies within, including the infamous FOEs. Their natural skills make them solid choices on their own, and they can always subclass as a Ninja, Pirate, Gladiator or any other class one wishes.
  • Golden Sun: Dark Dawn
    • Sveta of Morgal, who among other things hides her status from the heroes for fear they'll think she's involved in the sticky political situations of the plot. Once trouble starts, she joins the party to help end the Grave Eclipse and atone for it on her brother's behalf, culminating in an attempted Heroic Sacrifice… and she's one of the most powerful player characters in the game, even without counting her beast form.
    • Himi of Yamatai also counts. Imagine a small child waking up after what's implied to be days of fainting and convulsing, and immediately taking off with a pack of complete strangers to go save the day. Her exclusive Reigning Dragon power is the strongest Psynergy attack in the series at present, bar none.
  • Reco from the Mushihime Sama series goes through four Bullet Hell games without appearing to break a sweat. In Bug Panic, when Kiniro is unable to help her, she just picks up miniature versions of her bombs and deals with the enemies on foot.
  • Princess Alicia from Valkyrie Profile 2 Silmeria starts out meek and reluctant to fight, but eventually takes many levels in badass.
  • Princess Shine Hausen of Super Robot Wars Original Generation. Initially just a simple ruler who was turned Brainwashed and Crazy in the first Original Generation game, once her country's taken over in the second game, she gets herself a mecha, Took a Level in Badass, and comes back to not only take back her country, but also save the goddamn universe!
  • Imperial Princess Sardia of Vanguard Bandits regularly clashes heads with the extremists of her faction and heads out in her own personal mech to deal with traitors to the Empire.
  • The female protagonist of Fable III is the Princess of Albion, who in the game leads a revolution coup to depose her tyrannical brother Logan as King, ending up as the Queen.
  • Touhou's setting of Gensokyo has an abnormally high level of princesses per capita, all of whom are quite skilled at danmaku and other forms of combat.
    • PC-98 exclusive Phantasmagoria of Dimension Dream had Kotohime, the aptly-themed "Maniacal Princess" who went head-to-head with a miko, witches, a poltergeist, a pallet-swapped doppelganger, two scientific geniuses from another universe, and Mima, armed only with some explosives and her smile (which was also her bomb attack). It's unclear whether her authority is In Name Only - in her ending she claims to be a police officer disguised as a princess - but it's implied that she did this all for the hell of it, and doesn't even have a wish to make when she beats the game.
    • Remilia Scarlet, Embodiment of Scarlet Devil's titular vampire, is an Ojou who claims to be a descendant of Dracula, and her theme is named "Septette for a Dead Princess." Word of God is that she's lying and the track name is a misnomer, since there's no princess, no one's dead, and the theme is not even a septette. Nevertheless, Remilia is an endboss with the power to manipulate fate, while her little sister Flandre is an EX boss and a certified Person of Mass Destruction.
    • From Perfect Cherry Blossom is Yuyuko Saigyouji, a nobleman's daughter turned ghostly princess of the Netherworld, and one of the most broken characters in the setting due to her ability to kill with a thought.
    • Kaguya Houraisan of Imperishable Night is a princess from the Moon, exiled to Earth for drinking the elixir of immortality - the same princess from the Tale of the Bamboo Cutter, in fact. Her powers over eternity allow her to shred the protagonists' spell of endless night after she's defeated.
      • Afterward, Kaguya sends the heroines to battle her equally-powerful immortal rival, the fire-flinging EX-boss Fujiwara no Mokou, who also qualifies as the daughter of Fujiwara no Fuhito, one of the most powerful noblemen of late 7th/early 8th century Japan.
    • Silent Sinner in Blue gives us the Watatsuki sisters. Toyohime has what's implied to be a Wave Motion Gun in the form of a fan, and feels confident in a confrontation with Yukari (and is apparently a Reality Warper in her own right, though unlike Yukari she can only manipulate reality on the moon). Yorihime can summon gods, and managed to take out several powerful characters in succession.
    • Unlike the other entries on this list, the hashihime ("bridge princess") Parsee Mizuhashi is only the Stage Two boss of Subterranean Animism, so she cannot possibly be a bada-- *pichuun*
    • Ten Desires' Toyosatomimi no Miko is a weird case, since she's the same person as the legendary Prince Shotoku. Though female, she's referred to as Crown Prince by her followers Mononobe no Futo and Soga no Tojiko, who as high-ranking ladies from early Japan may also qualify as Badass Princesses.
    • Double Dealing Character introduced Shinmyoumaru Sukuna, a kobito princess who helped start the game's Incident in hopes of creating a world where the weak wouldn't get picked on by the strong. Due to her size she's easily the most Badass Adorable of the lot.
  • Eruca, the Gun Twirling rebel leader of Radiant Historia.
  • The Ausalian Queen, from HAM. She is a Bare-Fisted Monk with Robotic Legs and Super Strength.
  • Kairi from Kingdom Hearts seems to be on her way to becoming this. She's established as one of the seven Princesses of Heart in the first game. Towards the end of Kingdom Hearts II, she's shown fighting Heartless with a Keyblade given to her by her childhood friend Riku. Birth by Sleep reveals that she got her Keyblade wielding ability from an encounter with Action Girl Aqua as a child. And presently, in the secret ending of Dream Drop Distance, Yen Sid sent for her specifically to train her in combat in order to defend herself against an upcoming threat.
  • Solely for her appearance in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, Fat Princess for merely being able to go toe-to-toe with the likes of Kratos or Colonel Radec. While she'd probably rather eat cake than fight, this doesn't stop her from bashing enemies with her Staff of Authority or delivering a potent body slam. In fact, cake is involved in two of her Supers, one in which she crushes anyone in her path to get one.
  • Melia Antiqua from Xenoblade, the crown princess of the High Entia. In gameplay she's the party's Squishy Wizard, having the least HP out of all the characters but being capable of inflicting some serious damage in the right circumstances; while in the story she shows several instances of badassery, like severely hurting the beast that has just killed her guards single-handedly, completing a trial that had killed many of her ancestors, and turning the tides of seemingly lost battles quite a few times.
  • The Princess from Half-Minute Hero. Once she gets her automatic crossbow in her hands, she undergoes a personality shift and becomes a one-woman death machine.
  • In the Dark Parables series, there are many, many princesses. Several of them qualify for Badass Princess, including Princess Briar Rose (Sleeping Beauty), who is a mage wielding plant magic; Princess Snow White, who has frost powers; Princess Teresa of the lost kingdom of Prasino, who is a warrior; and Princess Leda of Barsia, also known as Goldilocks, who has The Magic Touch of King Midas and is a formidable fighter besides.
  • Princess Sophia, of the Awakening series of PC games. What makes her especially badass is that in her world, every human has some ability to use magic - except Sophia. Magic attacks affect only those with magic and since Sophia was born without this ability and relies solely on her brains and wits, she's immune to such attacks. She upgrades to Badass Queen in the fourth game.
  • Battle Princess of Arcadias actually has MULTIPLE Badass Princesses, who serve as the Kingdom's strongest fighter. Interestingly, at least one part of the sidequest levels imply that they aren't Princesses by heritage; rather, they're made Princesses upon clearing a test (which involves lots of fighting). Main character Plume is the Battle Princess of Schwert Kingdom; fellow playable character Violon was a candidate in the same test(s) that Plume passed to become Battle Princess; and they mention a Battle Princess for Armatura as well. However, the Armatura Princess is said to have been slain by Luis when she turned traitor...
  • Wild ARMs XF has Alexia Lynn Elesius who is an expert at swordplay, she wields a BFS, and she's pretty much a Mighty Glacier in-game.
  • Princess Ariella, the warrior princess of Dwarf Country, from Nefarious.
  • In The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky, Klaudia (also known as Kloe, your party member in Ruan) is a highly trained fencer who helps the PCs defeat her mother's kidnappers.
  • Queen at Arms has two, neither of which are readily apparent. One is Lorimette, the captain of the enemy guard, who is also the adopted daughter and heiress presumptive of Queen Charlotte of Sylgard. This only gets revealed in certain story paths. The other, which is seen in every story path, is the protagonist Marcus, who is actually the long-lost Princess Callista of Orthera. Both ladies are (or become) extremely badass high-ranking members of their respective countries' military forces.
  • The titular princess of Tsioque is thrown into the dungeon by the evil Wizard while her mother the Good Queen goes to handle danger away from her Kingdom. Tsioque doesn't stay in her cage very long and wears a pouty expression of determination over her predicament.
  • Kumatora from MOTHER 3 definitely qualifies. Even though she's the princess of Osohe, she has no problem punching down two heavily muscled bodyguards in Club Titiboo. She can also be one of the most destructive characters in the game via her PSI skills. Hell, her name (when translated into English) means Bear-Tiger! Need we go on?
  • Emily Kaldwin in Dishonored 2, one of the game's two Player Characters, is at the start of the game Empress of the Isles and an extremely skilled combatant trained by her father Corvo, himself the most talented spy and assassin in the Empire. She quickly gets even more badass once gifted with the Outsider's powers.
  • This is a job class in Miitopia—that is, princesses can join your party of adventurers as combatants. They wield paper fans (and other similarly-shaped objects) as weapons, which emit Razor Wind.
  • The heroine in Amazing Princess Sarah fights her way past hordes of monsters on her quest to save her kidnapped father.

    Visual Novels 
  • Princess Waltz, as the name implies, is loaded with princesses who are total badasses.
  • Arcueid from Tsukihime.
  • Christina, the protagonist of The Second Reproduction.
  • In Long Live the Queen, the best way to ensure Elodie's survival is to train her into a badass. In one particular path, she can defeat the Big Bad by beheading him with a magic sword.
  • Invoked in Sunrider. The Sharr, or crown princess, of the Holy Ryuvian Empire is given superhuman abilities by dint of her connection to the royal bloodline. In turn, she is expected to fight in the Empire’s defense during times of crisis, even sacrificing her own life to activate a weapon of last resort if the threat is dire enough. A princess who is not willing to fight and die cannot become a Sharr. Sola and Asaga are both Sharrs, and they are both very skilled mecha pilots.

  • SwordCat Princess features two such princesses: Kathryn, who ignored her father High King Brian Boru's wishes and learned to fight from the captain of his guard, and Julia, who can dispense electric justice, despite her cloistered upbringing in Oberon's palace.
  • No-Woo from Divine Bells is both perceptive and adept in fighting. She easily defends herself when a bunch of mooks attack her and her men.
  • Princess Pella Brightwing from Twice Blessed single-handedly takes out two constructs the size of houses that come after her, then calmly sits down to dig through her bag for a healing potion while the warforged titan she defeated blows up just feet away from her.
  • Princess Raeka from Samurai Princess saves damsels in distress, stabs giant monsters and stops evil-doers. All while sporting a royal title.
  • Girl Genius has a couple.
    • Zeetha, Daughter of Chump, lost princess of the equally lost queendom of Skifander. By which we mean she massacred the entire pirate fleet that abducted her and forgot to leave someone alive to give her directions home.
      • Now that her pupil Agatha is the ruler of Mechanicsburg, Zeetha is eager to instruct her in the ways of being a princess.
      Zeetha: First lesson, every princess needs a Battle Axe. Here, use this one until we can find something more impressive.
      Agatha: Ah. That kind of princess.
      • Though it hasn't been openly stated in the comic yet, all the clues suggest that "Chump" is the Baron Wulfenbach himself, making Zeetha princess of more than just Skifander.
    • Princess Larana is also an example - although she's devoted to her people, and is willing to have a political marriage to save them, she also has no qualms about blowing up the throne room, knocking out and kidnapping her brainwashed father, and working as an agent for the Incorruptible Library.
    • Although she has not been seen in-comic and lived 200 years before the present, Euphrosynia Heterodyne is heavily implied to be the Chaotic Evil or at least Chaotic Neutral version of this. She married, or almost married, Andronicus Valois, the Storm King, and is reportedly responsible for destroying the 'Shining Coalition' of the Storm King's empire due to her betrayal of him. Her betrayal is put down to loyalty to her family and Mechanicsburg by a Jaeger that knew her, saying that Andronicus would never have let the Heterodynes continue waging war.
    Rerich: Und de Heterodynes vas monsters, ho yez. Even de pretty Euphrosynia.
  • Tower of God: All of Zahard's Princesses, bar Repellista. They are adopted because they are naturally powerful (or as with Repellista, gifted), they get a Power-Up by receiving Zahard's blood and then proceed to take a level in badass. Or rather, 134 levels. Except Repellista.
  • Princess Pi constantly wins battles and overcomes enemies with no assistance from others. It helps that she was born physically invulnerable.
  • In Rusty and Co., the Princess. A Bare-Fisted Monk with very few if any scruples.
  • In Heart Core, we have our protagonist Ame Lashiec, the Princess of Asgard who is a powerful magician and was capable of defeating most of the Overfiends singlehandedly.
  • Aisling the Erl-king's Daughter in Roommates is very sweet and looks and acts like a classic princess. Just don't forget that she is a powerful fae or make her mad (she was able to intimidate a magical mercenary with a freaking hair pin for threatening her favorite ship).
  • Thanks to the matriarchy nature of the story, all princesses in Sword Princess Amaltea are trained since childhood in swordfighting, archery, etc. and are expected to be strong, proud warriors.
  • Feferi Peixes of Homestuck is an Alternian royal princess due to her tyrian pink blood who hunts enormous creatures on a night-basis together with her moirail. Her god tier title is Witch of Life, which basically allows her to play with the borders of life and get impossible things done.
  • Princess Kat in The Fuzzy Princess fought off a gang of bullies that was bothering Jackson in the first chapter.

    Web Original 
  • Silver Serpent of the Whateley Universe. Her father is the dreaded Asian supervillain Iron Dragon, and she is apparently the first child of his to have mutant superpowers.
    • Also, as of winter term, Jobe Wilkins, now the superpowered female child of the King of Karedonia. When stuck in a holding cell full of angry female supervillains, Jobe beat the entire cell into submission.
  • RWBY's Weiss Schnee is an "heiress, actually" but still fits this tropenote . In her trailer she takes down a hulking armored knight with nothing but her Semblance and an Aura-channeling fencing blade. In the series itself, Weiss's martial skill is said to be matched only by her very poor attitude. Thankfully she gets better.
  • Keyleth of the Air Ashari from Critical Role is essentially a princess among her people, especially since she is the daughter of her tribe's headmaster. And despite her social awkwardness, she does show her badassery time and time again, be it through her Wild Shape abilities or her mastery of elemental magic.

    Western Animation 
  • In Aladdin: The Series, Jasmine elevates to this standard to the point where she actually participates in a few battles. Most notably, she opens a can of whoop-ass on Mozenrath after he kidnaps Aladdin. Even within the movies, King of Thieves has Jasmine fighting against said thieves fairly well more than once.
  • Rebellious Princess Maya from Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers. We first see her in Gladiator Games arranged by a two of the more sociopathic members of the Rogues Gallery, having been captured from her home world. After she and the Rangers break free, she goes back and insists on bringing modern technology to her Space Amish people in order to protect them from interstellar threats, even if she has to openly revolt against her own father to do it.
  • Princess Calla, in Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears, fits the trope. Her father holds a tournament of arms to determine which of his knights will be his daughter's protector. She secretly enters the contest - and wins. Furthermore, her father finds out what she did and is impressed enough to publicly proclaim she needs no protector for herself.
  • Adventure Time
    • Princess Bubblegum, without a doubt. She has the same voice actress as the aforementioned Starfire (except in the pilot). Coincidence? She's also a ruling Princess.
    • There was a Warrior Princess, until she turned into Ghost Princess.
    • The insanely powerful Flame Princess.
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender:
  • Mira Nova from Buzz Lightyear of Star Command is the crown princess of the Tangeans, and was a top student at Star Command Academy.
  • In Gawayn, Princess Gwendolyn is surprisingly kick-ass when she wants to be, despite being shrunk to about six inches tall.
  • In My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, this is practically a requirement for Alicorn princesses.
    • The ruling princesses Celestia and Luna are a pair of Physical Goddesses who over 1000 years ago saved the country from more than one tyrannical ruler rivaling or surpassing themselves in power, and they each remain a force to be reckoned with.
    • Princess Cadance handles herself pretty well, too. Even when not using The Power of Love to send Queen Chrysalis flying like a kite, she managed to hold up a magic barrier around the entire Crystal Empire. Even exhausted to dangerous levels, she didn't falter. And when she gets recharged with The Crystal Heart? Well... ask what's left of King Sombra.
    • And as of the season 3 finale "Magical Mystery Cure" we have Princess Twilight Sparkle, who's already known to be quite badass and certainly doesn't become less so after her coronation, for all her worries that she's just there to "smile and wave" at public functions.
    • If the epic fight between Twilight and Tirek in "Twilight's Kingdom" is any indication, the combined power of the four princesses is roughly equivalent to that of every pony in Equestria combined plus Discord's.
    • Also, in Part 2 of the Season 6 premiere, "The Crystalling", despite the odds and time being against them, Celestia and Luna put their own lives in jeopardy to hold off the Frozen North's blizzard for as long as they can until they are sure both of them, and the citizens of the Crystal Empire, are able to evacuate to a safer haven.
    • Princess Ember from the episode Gauntlet of Fire, daughter of Dragon Lord Torch, who is also a Tomboy Princess, takes part on the Gauntlet of Fire against other dragons to become the new Dragon Lord Ember.
  • An episode of G1 of My Little Pony features six princess ponies, who destroy the lava monster Lavan at the end, thus making them six of the seven characters to actually kill a villain in G1, the other being Megan.
  • Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders: Princess Gwenevere herself, heiress to the throne of New Avalon, and her Arch-Enemy, Princess Kale (her aunt). Kale took up dark sorcery to Take Over the World. Gwen and crew are all that can stand up to Kale's attempts, especially after Kale took out Merlin.
  • Princess Bula of ReBoot is badass enough that no one calls her out on not being a real princess.
  • The main character of She-Ra: Princess of Power, aka Princess Adora of Eternia. While she did have the option of returning to her home world to rejoin her royal family, she chose to remain on Etheria, fight monsters and every now and then spin-kick Hordak through walls.
  • Zahara from Spider Stories is both a warrior and a whiz kid. Her stance says it all.
  • The eponymous Star Butterfly of Star vs. the Forces of Evil who fights monsters in her spare time, and that's before she has her magic wand. With said wand, she's capable of using devastatingly powerful offensive magic, though she has some trouble with spells that aren't meant to cause grievous bodily harm.
  • Princess Ilana in Sym-Bionic Titan. Not only does she have a personal suit of Powered Armor and co-pilot the title mecha, she's the first one to run off to fight a gigantic monster sent to kill her to. A monster made of living fire that's been obliterating the city singlehanded. She also demonstrates in the season 1 finale that even if she's not on the same level as Lance, she's still no slouch in hand-to-hand combat.
  • Princess Lotta Lamour from the TaleSpin episode "The Road to Macadamia". She protects her kingdom from an Evil Chancellor and his Mooks by attacking them with a big mallet.
  • Teen Titans: Starfire is actually the princess of the planet of Tamaran. Long after she leaves her royal family behind, she remains strong and vigilant. And since Blackfire is her sister, she would be another evil example.
  • Princess Zelda, from the 1989 cartoon The Legend of Zelda, does quite a lot of the fighting and has to save Link at least as many times as he has to save her.
  • Voltron Force gives us an Older and Wiser Allura (who, despite still serving as The Chick of the Five-Man Band, takes a more active role in combat, even fearlessly facing down a Back from the Dead Lotor without the help of the Lions), as well as her niece, the very ninja-esque Larmina. As of "Roots of Evil" she's now a Badass Queen.
    • Similarly, Allura from 2016's Legendary Defender is also pretty badass, regularly aiding the Paladins in combat, and refusing to be left on the sidelines in battle. This is to the point that she has been confirmed to be at least temporarily piloting a Lion in season 3. Not to mention that she single-handedly knocked out a Galra guard with enough force to dent him into the wall and is strong enough to throw Shiro clear across a pod bay with one arm. Plus in season 2 she takes on the Witch Haggar and nearly wins, showing off her skill with a staff in the process.
  • Bloom, Stella, and Aisha/Layla in Winx Club are the princesses of Domino, Solaria, and Andros respectively. They are also powerful fairies that frequently fight and defeat evil witches, wizards, and monsters. In the 4Kids version, Musa is the princess of Harmonia, and she's part of the same team as Bloom, Stella, and Layla. Bloom is especially notable for singlehandedly defeating two of the Big Bads: She easily defeats Icy at the end of season 1, and completely destroys Valtor, who is arguably the deadliest enemy the Winx ever faced.
  • In X-Men: Evolution, Storm turns out to be the princess of an African tribe. Does that demote her to a helpless Damsel in Distress? No! She's still the same Storm we know and love. Given that the comic book version was worshiped as a goddess by her tribe, that's no surprise. This is just a backstory that's been modified a little so as to avoid offending Moral Guardian types who would find it blasphemous that a human character was treated as divine.
  • In Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero one of the people Penn zaps in as is a princess who's also a reputed hero.
  • LoliRock features no less than six butt-kicking Magical Girl Warrior princesses. They are all powerful mages and competent hand-to-hand fighters as well, taking the fights for their own kingdoms (and Earth) into their own hands.
  • The main character of Elena of Avalor, an adventurer and duelist who before the events of the series liberated her home after being sealed away for 41 years.

    Real Life 
  • Lakshmibai, the Rani of Jhansi in India, who fought for the independence of her realm against the British in India and was killed in battle during the Mutiny.
  • Aethelflaed, the Lady of the Mercians: the daughter of Alfred The Great who joined with her brother to inflict a defeat upon the Danes. Example: The Danes attacked her wedding party. She not only organized an effective defense, she rallied the guests and led a counter-attack which drove the attackers off.
  • Kahena was the leader of an alliance of non-Moslem berbers against the Arab invasion.
  • Gwenllian was a 13th-century Welsh princess who lost her life defending Kidwelly Castle from a Norman invasion.
  • While married to Louis VII, King of France, Eleanor of Aquitaine insisted on taking part in the Crusades as the feudal leader of the soldiers from her duchy. After that marriage fell apart she married Henry II, King of England. She tried to join their three sons in the revolt against her husband but was stopped by the King on the way and held in captivity.
  • Princess Pingyang is an example, although she wasn't technically a princess until after she raised an army to put her father on the throne.
  • Kurban Djan Datkha, a Kirghiz chieftainess who led Caucausus tribesmen against the Russian invasion in the nineteenth century.
  • Isabella of Armenia.
  • Most XVIII-century Russian empresses were former Badass Princesses who succeeded in grabbing the crown by force. There also was one who didn't succeed.
  • Katherine of Aragon, Queen of England and first wife of Henry VIII. Though often portrayed as "the chubby one who couldn't have a son," she more than deserves the title of Badass Princess. She was named Queen Regent and ran the country while he was away - and did so very capably. While Henry was off fighting the French, for example, she managed to utterly defeat a hundred thousand Scots as they invaded England. They must have thought that the country would be a pushover, what with the king and most of his army being overseas. Cut to Katherine sending Henry the torn, bloodied coat of the King of Scots. Ouch.
    • Back when she was styled Princess of Spain and Dowager Princess of Wales, she was also the first European woman to serve as official ambassador to a foreign court. Her father, King Ferdinand, got rid of the former ambassador at her insistence, and when he didn't have an immediate replacement, he appointed his daughter to do the job. Despite being Henry VII's daughter-in-law, Katherine had been treated very poorly between the death of Prince Arthur and her marriage to Henry VIII (the death of Queen Elizabeth of York left her without any sort of protector in the court), but she turned out to be a skilled politician. During the first decade and a half or so of his reign, Henry VIII would not do anything without her input.
  • Matilda of Canossa, Countess of Tuscany, Duchess of Lorraine, and Vice-Queen of Italy, wasn't called "the woman mighty in war" for nothing. Trained in soldiering and command by both her mother and father, she joined in their campaigns as a teen and, at 28, was commissioned by the Pope to help command the almost-first-crusade of 1074. When King (later Emperor) Henry IV sent armies into Italy to oust the Pope, Matilda led the outnumbered resistance, and she eventually beat the Emperor so badly that her arrival was enough to make him leave the battlefield without a fight. Afterwards, the now 52-year-old lady led the military escort of Pope Urban II when he called what did become the First Crusade. She has a Badass of the Week page, there's a long Whoosh article comparing her to Xena, and on her tomb in the Vatican she is portrayed holding the papal arms and a marshal's baton.
  • Margaret of Anjou, wife of Henry VI, also fit the bill. Because Henry was an unfit ruler prone to fits of insanity, Margaret had to effectively rule the kingdom in his place and was the de facto leader of the Lancaster side of the Wars of the Roses. She personally organized the Lancastrian armies and was responsible for several victories before the Yorkist armies began to claim victory. Undaunted, she continued to try to rally troops and fought for the rights of her husband and son until the Battle of Tewkesbury in 1471, when her son was killed, which broke her spirit and caused her to give up her cause. Unfortunately these actions caused her to gain a reputation for ruthlessness.
  • Princess Olga of Kiev, who with a combination of cunning, ruthlessness, and plain taking advantage of people underestimating her for being a woman, managed to devastate and conquer the neighboring principality of Dereva who had killed her husband. As Cracked put it when they mentioned how she was canonized as a Saint despite her brutal achievement for helping spread Christianity:
    • Also an example of Princesses Rule, because medieval Rus was made of principalities rather than kingdoms.
  • Marie de Courtenay, daughter of the would-be Latin Emperor of Constantinople, Philippe de Courtenay, and his wife Yolande of Flanders. She was sent as a bride to her family's enemy, Theodoros Laskaris, emperor of Nikaia, and convinced her husband to make peace with the Latin Empire at a time when it was at its weakest. After being widowed, Marie went to live at her brother Robert's court in Constantinople. After Robert's death, Marie stepped in as 'Empress Regent' for their 11-year-old brother, Baldwin, and ruled ably until her untimely death at age 25.
  • Only one FEMALE member of the British royal family has ever served in the military (males do so quite commonly)... Princess Elizabeth, now known as Queen Elizabeth II. While being a truck driver in World War II with a women's auxiliary unit isn't as outright sword swinging as some on this list, the fact is the woman that most remember as the perfectly polite lady who many Britons adore as some sort of grandmotherly figure can probably out-mechanic 95% of the people in the country (since the aforementioned trucks were WWII vintage British ones). Combine that with the fact that she has talked down burglars that broke into her room in the middle of the night, refused to alter meetings with someone merely because they were the target of multiple assassination attempts, responded to riots with "calmness and courage in the face of the violence", and has apparently kept up with every report that crosses her desk (which are largely the same as the ones on the Prime Minister's desk) for 60+ years. Tony Blair once said he was more nervous about his weekly meetings with the Queen than he was about his weekly meetings with Cabinet. She also celebrated on VE-Day by slipping out on to the streets in her Army uniform and joining the cheering crowds as one more anonymous soldier.
    • Clearly, badassery is In the Blood. Princess Anne, daughter of Elizabeth II and Princess Royal, once foiled her own kidnapping attempt by shouting "Not bloody likely!" to her would-be abductor. She only considered hitting him. She managed to escape unscathed, while a Badass Bystander was the one to slug the would-be kidnapper and save her. They even made a TV movie about it. Less exciting but still quite badass, the Princess Royal is also, to date, the only member of a royal family ever to win medals in the Olympics - she's a champion equestrian.

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