All There Is to Know About "The Crying Game"

So you just heard about a new series or a film. You begin watching it, and tension is established, or the show tries to trick you, but you're not fooled. Why not? The thing that you aren't supposed to know (it could be a plot twist, or simply a spoiler) was the first thing you learned about it. If you hadn't been told, you wouldn't be watching it.

Contrast with It Was His Sled. The latter means everybody knows what the spoiler is. "Crying Game" means that the only thing most people know about the work is the spoiler.

See also Late-Arrival Spoiler, when the company that makes it gives away a spoiler in the sequel's ads. Often a cause of Watch It for the Meme. If it happens on the first chapter of a series, it's a First-Episode Spoiler. See also Everybody Knows That and Best Known for the Fanservice.

The Trope Namer is the 1992 film The Crying Game.note  You likely already know that the main character's love interest is a pre-operative transgender woman. William Goldman noted that knowing the secret actually made the film a much better movie.

If you had no clue what this meant before, then this is an example of Pop-Cultural Osmosis Failure.

No examples, please. Like It Was His Sled, this just defines a fan-speak term.

Alternative Title(s): Everybody Remembers The Twist, All You Need To Know About The Crying Game