Laconic / Exposition Break

Stop playing the game, there's Exposition to hear!
The thing about links to the unabridged version is, they weren't always present on this website. Back in the day, people would not complain about a lack of such a feature, and merely clicked on the buttons above to return to the full story. But then, some time later, a contributor to TV Tropes decided to implement this practical link, by placing it in smaller font right below the abridged explanation. Sometimes, people would even play around with that short phrase directing them there by applying said trope to it. For example, the Laconic page for Lost in Translation would show a couple of sentences in other languages, which would be difficult to understand for people who did not speak that language. Another example would be Averted Trope, where the editors actually averted placing a sentence for it there. However, there are many tropes that are difficult to summarize in a short sentence, and even more of those that may be difficult to put as an example to link to the unabridged versions. However, this specific trope is quite easy to do. Now that's I've told the story of the unabridged version links, you may visit the one to this trope HERE.