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This puts the whole "Goddamn Batman" thing in a whole new perspective...

Bat Jesus: Bat Jesus? Bat Jesus.

Bat Jesus is a critically acclaimed film series that began in 1993. The film stars Adam West as the titular character, a stubborn Jesus Christ who has returned to our world only to find it is in shambles because of the inevitable way society changes. Determined to change all of this, Christ is inspired by a certain dark knight to become a new type of hero... one that shall tremble before all and bring justice to a world that desperately needs it.

The series began with the first film, simply titled "Bat Jesus", released in 1993. The film chronicles the character's upbringing and how he must fight his own worst enemy, the Bloker, a vicious Australian stereotype who wants revenge on a cruel America, his Love Interest, Mrs. Shimmy, who seems to enjoy Christ's company, and a bomb which could explode at any minute. The film was a commercial and financial success for Warnerd Bothers, the distributor for the movie, and a sequel began filming the following year.

The second film, "Bat Jesus Is Back", was released in 1995 to a similar success as its predecessor, but many still consider the first film better. Its plot involves a disgruntled Christ about to give up the Bat Jesus persona, only to find out he needs it the most once he does, as the town of place is being threatened by a mysterious man, only known as "The Flamingo", dubbed as such due to his deformed appearance. Along with him is the deadly unstable secretary, Sabrina Nichols, who has an alter-ego in "Cat Messiah". Finally, add a corrupt mayor and the Christmas season to make for an interesting successor.

The third film, mostly forgotten due to its totally failed atmosphere, was "Bat Jesus and Bluejay", which was released in 1999. This movie chronicles a villain desperate to find a cure for an incurable disease, called "Senior Ice". It also marks the first appearance of Bluejay, Bat Jesus's sidekick. This film, unlike the previous two, was panned by critics and was forced off the silver screen before it finished its run. The movie also gained a reputation for "killing" Bat Jesus films, although there are rumors going around that a new film, oddly titled "Bat Jesus Starts", is in the works, but is still a rumor, so take it with a grain of salt...

It is rumoured that Bat Jesus will be rebooted for a modern audiences for its 20th anniversary in 2013 with it being written by famed comic book writer Grant Morrison of All-Star Superman fame and directed by Kevin Smith of Cop Out fame.

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