Ho Yay: D.Gray-Man

  • In D.Gray-Man, the relationship between Allen and Tyki is laden with Ho Yay and Foe Yay subtext. Some notable scenes include Tyki "killing" Allen (which resembled a sort of "violation," with Tyki sticking his hand into Allen), the suggestive dialogue with Tyki telling Allen, "Don't be so cold, boy. An Exorcist made a Noah strip down to his underwear. Was that the first time you did it? Do you think it was destiny for it to be us?" and Tyki seeming miffed when Allen tells him that he'd done it to many people before. During their fight later, there's another Does This Remind You of Anything? moment with Tyki telling Allen, "This is giving me the thrills. I'll break you, one more time, with this hand!" Not to mention Road telling Lavi that Tyki likes Allen as she does (this being after it was established that she likes Allen enough to kiss him).
    • Not to mention the fact that Tyki destroyed Allen's Innocence.
  • And there's Allen's constant bickering with Kanda, who seems to be the only person who manages to piss him off to the point where Allen breaks his All-Loving Hero persona and makes vindictive jabs at him. Also isn't helped with the fact that all their petty arguments are like those of a bickering couple's...
    • They even act nice to one another from time to time, such as this moment where Kanda smiles at Allen.
    • Chapter 199: Kanda actually thanks Allen. He even calls him by his full name instead of "bean sprout."
    • Now with chapter 209 having Kanda accompanying Johnny to find a missing Allen, it becomes a bit of an 'aww, they do care' moment.
    • And in chapter 211 Kanda actually straddles and holds Allen down to the ground when trying to wipe his clown makeup off and talking to him.
    • In chapter 213, Kanda's declaration towards Link makes him sound like a yandere for Allen.
  • Or how about the little piggyback Link gives Allen while Allen was wounded and alone, away from everyone else? And in latest chapters it's really noticeable, especially in chapter 211 with Allen freaking out over learning that Link died.
    • Chapter 212: Link shows up outside of the inn Allen, Kanda, and Johnny are staying at, with Kanda calling him a "stalker"..
  • Lavi and Allen. With Lavi having No Sense of Personal Space around Allen and his worrying over him.
    • For that matter, Allen pulls Lavi close to him as an attempt to snap him out of it when the latter's personality was erased by Road.
    • In the anime Lavi once suddenly hugged Allen from behind.
    • What about the scene in the anime where Lavi asked Allen to snuggle up with him?
    • And then there's the episode when Allen passes out in the snowstorm and Lavi had to carry him.
    • Here's a list of Allen/Lavi moments.
  • Also, Cyril clearly likes the ladies but he is also obsessed with Tyki and even flirts with him a couple of times. And then there's that one scene where he says that Tyki's beauty arouses him, with Tyki replying "You're giving me goosebumps."
  • We must also remember way back in the beginning, Kanda's nice, "brotherly" camaraderie with Daisya...
  • Alma and Kanda, to a really incredible degree. It helps that Alma is an akuma created from Kanda's girlfriend from his previous life.
  • Also, Anita and Mahoja.
  • Kanda and Lavi. Lavi is quite affectionate towards Kanda, insists on calling him by his first name, and acts like a spurned lover whenever Kanda yells at him.
    • The scene with Lavi blushing and giggling like a fangirl when Kanda finds out Lavi was messing with his hair is probably what inspired fangirls to create the Lavi/Kanda pairing.
  • Tokusa seems rather obsessed with Madarao, and thinks about him virtually all the time during his Body Horror.
  • Apparently the Earl and the 14th. Before things went down, that is. (though there's still quite a bit subtext.)
  • Reverse novel 3 reveals that Kanda lost his first kiss to a man. (Didi Le Jeune. Who had been drunk at that moment. And miraculously is still alive and in one piece.)
  • Chapter 206 gives us some odd vibes between Cross and either Mana or Nea.
  • In one chapter Allen's shown to be able to manipulate Komurin - a male robot - by turning up his charm (complete with Bishie Sparkle) which makes Komurin fall for him.
  • Johnny seems to be really obsessed with Allen.
    • In chapter 210, Johnny spots a performing clown and blushes, thinking to himself "What a beautiful clown." Said clown is obviously Allen in disguise.
      • Also when Allen reveals his face out of his clown disguise Johnny is shown smiling and blushing.
      • And in chapter 211, Johnny tackle-hugs Allen with tears in his eyes.
      • In chapter 212 Johnny gives an exhausted Allen a piggyback ride and takes care of/watches over him.
      • In chapter 213 Johnny is shown watching over Allen while he's exhausted in bed and holding his hand.
      • In chapter 214 he also leans over Allen while he's laying in bed and acts concerned when he talks in his sleep. He also hugs Allen close to his body after he wakes up and cries.
      • Johnny tends to blush around Allen a lot and frequently worries about him.
  • There's also Jeryy, the Camp Gay cafeteria manager in the Black Order, who flirts with Allen and calls him "cute".
  • In chapter 210 two separate men hit on Kanda. The first it's an possibly homosexual gangster that loudly proclaims that he's going to kidnap Kanda and take him home. The second time is debatable as this time the person was drunk and mistook Kanda for a girl.
  • In the Rewinding Town arc Road dresses up Lenalee in an Elegant Gothic Lolita-looking gown and curls her long hair.
  • It's a very complex case but it seems Kanda and Alma are a Canon pairing by now.