Heartwarming: The Riftwar Cycle

  • Arutha's adventure in Silverthorn, from going all the way to Sarth, Yilth, Elvander and then all the way to Morealin, the territory of the Dark Brotherhood where he and his team were vastly outnumbered. Why did he do it? To save his beloved, that was his only reason, he didn't care for the risks, he just wanted to save her. YMMV, but this troper was touched that Arutha was willing to risk everything just for the woman he loved.
  • Pug saying Arutha conDoin is one of the greatest men he ever knew.
  • Gamina essentially giving up her chance of survival in Rage of a Demon King because she couldn't live without Duke James (Jimmy the Hand) and dying with him.
  • When Erik, Roo and the others are reminiscing over their fallen companions in Rise of a Merchant Prince.
  • In Wrath of a Mad God Caleb states that he thinks that his father let him hunt, wander and enjoy his free life because he has no magical talent, unlike his brother Magnus. Miranda tells him that it is because Pug wants his sons to be happy and let them do as they wanted, and if Magnus (who at the time was rapidly becoming more powerful than either of his parents) had wanted to do hunt, wander and enjoy life like Caleb did Pug would have let him. This is a lesson he learned from his relationship with Caleb's long-dead half-brother William, whom Pug had tried to pressure into a magical career against Willaim's will.
  • The ending for Magician's End. Pug is given the chance to return to life so Midkemia will always have a guardian for when there's a threat that needs magic to beat it, but he asks that his son Magnus be saved instead. The gods all agree unanimously and praise and thank Pug for all of his hard work and promise him that they will make sure Magnus is alright without him.
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