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Heartwarming: The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
  • The end, from the helicopter crash to the David Bowie song.
    Steve: This is an adventure.
  • And before that.
    Jane Winslett-Richardson: Are we - are we safe in here?
    Steve Zissou: I doubt it.
    Klaus Daimler: Do you still want to blow him up?
    Steve Zissou: No. We're out of dynamite anyway.
    Eleanor Zissou: ... It is beautiful Steve.
    Steve Zissou: Yea, it's pretty good isn't it... I wonder if it remembers me.
    • Everyone in the ship places his/her hand on Steve to comfort him, the last one being Steve's nemesis Hennessey.
  • After Ned's funeral, Eleanor talks with Jane, and reveals Steve is not fertile- Ned was never his real son, but it didn't even matter.
  • Klaus' breakdown when he doesn't get picked to be on Steve's team during the island raid, only to be told that he's not on Steve's team because he's leading his own.
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