Heartwarming / The Last Story

  • Mirania's Team Mom tendencies and genuine concern for the welfare of everyone around her got a few heartfelt smiles out of this troper.
  • When the party escapes the Last World, Syrenne tells the others to go on ahead so that she can bring Lowell (who took a sword through the chest for her) back with her. Dagran's spirit uses the last of its power to bring Lowell back to life and Syrenne bursts into tears when he gets back up, wondering what the hell just happened.
    • Dagran's last words to the party before he passes away.
    "Now get the hell out of here. That's my final order... sorry to be so demanding right up 'til the end."
  • Zael's true knighthood ceremony in the ending. To see him finally achieve his dream, to be knighted by Calista using his and Dagran's old sword...