Heartwarming / The Comics Curmudgeon

  • Josh's eulogy for Bil Keane but even more are the many many eulogies and farewells for Bil in the comments section. Even the commenters who hated the comic, still admit they respect him for who he was and what he achieved, showing no ill-will for the man. Many people related anecdotes from their own childhoods, and even Jumble Jeff came on giving a heartwarming eulogy. Reading these comments will melt your heart.
    • Though for the more emotional readers, this could count as a Tear Jerker.
  • "They'll Do It Every Time", a decidedly anachronistic one-panel strip, was snarked on frequently by Josh and his readers for its oddball dated quality and screwy narrative, but contact with artist Al Scaduto revealed him to be a kind-spirited old guy who was indeed out of contact with the digital age but welcomed the attention. Further snark was overwhelmingly good-natured and affectionate, and his passing on was widely, wistfully noted.