Heartwarming / Star Driver

  • Every scene where Mizuno and Marino are onscreen together is worthy of a "D'awwwww."
    • Katami, wakachita, yagadanse.
    • The ending of episode 16.
  • A short scene in episode 21, Sakana sees ash from the volcano falling on the island, thinking that it's snow. A short, sweet scene occurs.
  • Episode 4: Takuto learns that as long as Wako is a Shrine Maiden, she can never leave the island and fulfill her dream of being a singer in Tokyo. He decides to destroy every last Cybody so that the Shrine Maidens won't be needed anymore.
  • Episode 10: Takuto uses the above-mentioned "It'll Be Okay" spell in battle.
  • Episode 15: After a seemingly endless loop of trying to leave the island by boat only to hear her alarm clock and wake up in her room like in a nightmare that just won't stop, Mizuno sits down in a parking lot and breaks into sobs. Wako finds her like this and immediately expresses concern, taking her indoors and giving her a hot drink. Mizuno asks Wako if she could hold her hand again. When Wako does so, Mizuno slowly begins to smile and says, almost in disbelief, "Wako...you're really here. This isn't a dream. It's real."
  • Episode 23: "Hey, Wako! Let's go on a date!"
  • Episode 24: "Why else would I have such a big boat?" Also a Crowning Moment of Awesome.