Heartwarming / Star Driver

  • Every scene where Mizuno and Marino are onscreen together is worthy of a "D'awwwww."
    • Katami, wakachita, yagadanse.
    • The ending of episode 16.
  • A short scene in episode 21, Sakana sees ash from the volcano falling on the island, thinking that it's snow. A short, sweet scene occurs.
  • Episode 23: "Hey, Wako! Let's go on a date!"
  • Episode 24: "Why else would I have such a big boat?" Also a Crowning Moment of Awesome.
  • Episode 4: Takuto learns that as long as Wako is a Shrine Maiden, she can never leave the island and fulfill her dream of being a singer in Tokyo. He decides to destroy every last Cybody so that the Shrine Maidens won't be needed anymore.
  • Episode 10: Takuto uses the above-mentioned "It'll Be Okay" spell in battle.