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Heartwarming: Selena Gomez
  • There was a little girl in California who had a rare disease and cited Selena Gomez as her idol. She was featured on Tumblr for making her a small bracelet... and then that little girl met Selena Gomez in person. Selena was later seen in a professional photo wearing the bracelet the little girl had made for her. What makes it even more amazing is that, unlike other celebrities, she doesn't tell the press she's visiting sick children. She's just doing it because shes a good person.
  • Who Says on her third album.
  • According to recent interviews of Demi Lovato, Selena (a childhood friend since they both appeared in Barney & Friends and Miley Cyrus were among the few people who reached out to her when Demi was in rehab. Even after Selena and Demi were on the outs. Tearfully asking on the if Demi was alright. Demi even related that much of the fighting was due to Selena not fully comprehending the situation Demi was going through or knowing how to help her.
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