Heartwarming / Rave Master

  • The entire storyline that introduces Sieg Hart, particularly all moments between Haru and Elie.
  • Sieg's Write Back to the Future gambit is quite possibly the most heartwarming and heartbreaking Gondor Calls for Aid tactics this Troper has ever seen. Please note the smile on his face when the delivers the letters. It's a smile of accomplishment. Even after fifty years he is still a loyal friend to the main characters.
  • After he's defeated, Gale Glory lets the half-dead King hit him over and over again and gives one few genuinely touching Power of Friendship speeches.
    Gale Glory: "King killed my wife, and on top of that, he left me alone and unable to see my kids. For ten years I hated him for it. I wanted nothing more than to kill him with my own two hands...but you know...you may not believe this...but I still think of him as my best friend. It's not how much time you spend together, laughing, enjoying life that matters. Once you're best friends, no matter how much you grow to hate each other, detest each other...deep down inside, you'll always be best friends. I just can't bring myself to kill him. If doing this makes him happy...I'll let him do it as long as he feels like it, this one last time."
  • Let being reunited with Julia after she is returned to human form.
  • Julia, Elie and Musica coming to Nagisa's rescue when she gets tortured by Branch; also doubles as a Crowning Momentof Awesome.
    Julia: We don't know anything about you, not even your name. But, there are people here who would cry for you, and would even get angry for you. It's strange, isn't it? Even though we're strangers...no. We're not strangers, are we? These people are connected, ever since they chose the same path. That's right, the grand path you chose...everyone wants to be important, huh? Someday, that path will bring the entire world together. We may not know the small details, but don't even think about dying. You have the power to live.
  • At the end of the series when Haru is revived. When the characters wonder how that's possible (along with their own survival as many had sacrificed themselves in the final battle). They find out the planet itself had saved them as thanks for saving the world.
    • YMMV on that one, when you consider the planet also screwed over the entire Raregrove family for CREATING it, the planet comes across less kind for doing bringing Haru back, and more of a case of It Amused Me.
  • The ending when Haru and Elie are reunited at last!