Heartwarming / Quentyn Quinn, Space Ranger

  • Heartwarming in Hindsight: For the Brother Linnaeus and the Gragum from Tales of the Questor. Looks like Linnaeus' efforts to bring God to the lizard-men weren't in vain.
  • Similarly, there are the Silphium, whom the Raccoonan apparently once saved from genetically induced extinction, and have long been one of their most loyal and fierce allies. Do those ears and hair look familiar?
  • The Parodian pilot, Eugen Atrix, gets one for trying to prevent the classic ending for The Cold Equations... by trying to do a Heroic Sacrifice, jettisoning himself, and having the girl guide the shuttle in. Meanwhile, Nikki Blackcat gets one for willingly spacing herself, rather than take the risk that she may crash the shuttle.
    • After a series of revelations regarding the course of events, Quentin admits that, in light of everything that's occurred, Eugin Autrix may not have been trained properly, or been very experienced, but none of that was his fault, that he was, in many ways, just as much of a victim of criminal negligence as Nikki was, and his most important attribute as a spacer, his honor, was unbesmirched.