Heartwarming / Psmith

  • The scene in the first book where Psmith pulls some elaborate deception involving shoes to protect Mike from the school authorities—only because, up until that point, he was such a Cloudcuckoolander that it was hard to tell if he really cared about his friend.
  • Maybe "heartwarming" is a strong word, but there's a moment in Psmith in the City when Mike sends Psmith to find out what's bothering his boss, Mr. Waller. He goes off in full Psmith mode (saying that whatever Waller's problems are, they can't possibly stack up against his ongoing battle to improve his officemate's dress sense), but when he comes back, he reports in completely normal-person terms that Waller is tired and distracted because his son is dangerously sick and that Mike should go see what he can do for him. The scene serves pretty much no other purpose than to show that Psmith can turn it off when necessary, which is good to know.