Heartwarming / Parade's End

  • The end of the final episode, full-stop. Yes, Sylvia has the Groby tree cut down, but it allows for Christopher to finally cut ties with his old, unhappy life and start anew with Valentine. Christopher finally resists Sylvia's manipulation, and in turn she gives her blessing. The episode ends with Christopher celebrating with his old friends that he's made during the war, who understand and appreciate him, dancing with Valentine, and then finally consummating his relationship with her, all to the gorgeous musical score. "There will be no more parades!" I'm sorry, I've got something in my eye...
    • Christopher's smile when he's dancing with Valentine. Just... his smile. This man takes When He Smiles to an entirely new stratosphere. His face lights up like a supernova and it's the most stunningly beautiful thing in the entire universe.