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Heartwarming: PJO Facebook Shenanigans
  • The sheer panic and imitate action to save Annabeth from brutal Manticore attack. They may argue and mock each other, but in the end they are family, hands down
  • Hades and Hestia Friendship
  • Ares hugging a clearly sobbing Clarisse and basically telling Kronos to fuck off
  • For all of Will's My Sister Is Off-Limits! aditude to Travis about Keyla, after Will learns about Keyla's pregnancy, the first in his mind is to comfort and help BOTH of them in anyway he can
    • To be honest anything about the sibling bond between Will and Keyla can turn people to mush. Best big brother ever
  • Malcom's What the Hell, Hero? speech to Annabeth in defense of Keyla for her insurable attitude about the Teen Pregnancy towards an obviously distraught Keyla. Also a Crowning Moment Of Awesome for Malcolm

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