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Heartwarming: PJO Facebook Shenanigans
  • The sheer panic and imitate action to save Annabeth from brutal Manticore attack. They may argue and mock each other, but in the end they are family, hands down
  • Hades and Hestia Friendship
  • Ares hugging a clearly sobbing Clarisse and basically telling Kronos to fuck off
  • For all of Will's My Sister Is Off Limits aditude to Travis about Keyla, after Will learns about Keyla's pregnancy, the first in his mind is to comfort and help BOTH of them in anyway he can
    • To be honest anything about the sibling bond between Will and Keyla can turn people to mush. Best big brother ever
  • Malcom's What the Hell, Hero? speech to Annabeth in defense of Keyla for her insurable attitude about the Teen Pregnancy towards an obviously distraught Keyla. Also a Crowning Moment Of Awesome for Malcolm

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