Heartwarming / My Little Avengers

  • Somehow, through all their adventures, and thanks to being The Confidant and a ditzy mentor, Big Macintosh and Pinkie Pie become true friends.
  • Rainbow Dash goes into full on ohmygoshohmygosh mode when Thor compliments her at the party.
  • Somehow, on their first meeting, Caramel, Blueblood and Spitfire all have fun playing Charades by the time Big Mac gets there.
  • It's actually really sweet how Stan Lee came in to help Big Macintosh regain his heroic spirit. Excelsior!
  • In addition, Big Mac makes up with the rest of the Avengers.
  • While Big Mac restored Spitfire and Blueblood through The Power of Friendship, Caramel was restored through The Power of Love, thanks to Spitfire.
  • During the epilogue, Applejack admits to Big Mac that she doesn't quite like all the changes that have occurred during the Time Skip, but despite all that is still proud of all he's doing. Meanwhile, Big Mac lets her know that no matter what happens or how important he becomes, he's never going to forget about her.
  • "Rarity, will you marry me?"