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Heartwarming: Kanamemo
  • Several in the first episode.
    • First, the joy of the staff when they take in Kana. Here's a stranger they barely know, and she's already welcomed into their Nakama.
    • When Yume is celebrating Kana's acceptance, she grips Kana and Hina in a tight hug. Cue Yuuki chewing on her spoon in frustration, until Yume sees her, and quickly darts over and gives her a quick peck on the lips, and trades out Hina for Yuuki in the hug.
    • When Kana cheerfully says that she doesn't need a futon because the Chief gave her a newspaper, cue all of the other girls tearing up, and Yume dashing off to let Kana use hers, and Yuuki gives her some extra toiletries she isn't using. Even Haruka gives her some old hand-me-downs.
  • In the second episode, Kana is depressed after she believes she failed her first day delivering the paper. Until the others tell her that on their first time out, they'd messed up way worse than she did.
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