Heart Warming / Harmony Theory

  • Lt. Hard Boiled and Traduse-a honest cop who despises "cloak and dagger stuff" and distrust changelings and a changeling secret agent respectably-managing to bond with each other, while on their quest to stop Max Cash.
  • Rainbow Dash reuniting with Applejack, Spike, Rarity and Pinkie.
  • Trail Blazer giving Column a subtle What the Hell, Hero? moment, after he tries to brain wash Rainbow Dash, in order to complete his mission. This helps Column have a Heel Realization and become a better person for it and cements their friendship.
  • Blaze's attempts to talk Charisma into a having a Heel–Face Turn and telling her she is better than Max Cash.
    • His and Charisma's relationship is general, considering that he is the only one in the world she has no desire to kill, simply because she loves him.
  • Twinkle Shine trying to comfort Star Fall, throughout the story.
  • Star Fall coming to terms with Twinkle Shine's betrayal.
  • Despite being natural enemies, Astrid actually compliments Calumn for taking down and seemingly defeating Max Cash.
  • Astrid telling Max Cash, that there is a lot of people who deserve payback on him, but "This is for Melody". Cue, Astrid ripping his heart out, after severally mauling him. He sadly gets better.
  • Blaze carrying out Charisma's finale request, to never stop smiling as she dies.
    • In a strange way Blaze telling Rainbow, while she is going through Heroic B.S.O.D., that Charisma would of been happy if their situations were reversed, and they should return the favor.