Heartwarming / Gravedale High

  • The ending of "Cleo's Pen Pal", where Billy Headstone turns out to like the real Cleo and gives her a VCR so she no longer has to miss an episode of Trudy and the Beast.
  • The bonding we see between Frankentyke and his brother Big Frankie in "He Ain't Scary, He's My Brother" is pretty endearing.
  • The ending of "Night of the Living Dad", where Frankentyke hugs his human father and decides that the mockery he'll get over his dad being human doesn't matter.
    Frankentyke: Yeah, my dad's a human. So what? He made me what I am today, and I love him!
  • Schneider and his class reconciling with each other in "Goodbye Gravedale" after the students find out that he never really intended to leave Gravedale in the first place.