Heartwarming / FreQuency

The film:

  • Watching Frank and Julia dance to Elvis music in 1969. It's so adorable that even six year old John and Gordo smile.
  • All the people in the neighborhood gathering at the Sullivans to watch a baseball game, as "Take me Out to the Ball Game" plays in the background.
    • It gets a call back in the epilogue of the movie, where the present day neighborhood all plays a baseball game, and Frank proudly embracing John and John's own kids is intercut with a montage of new happier memories of John growing up with both of his parents.
  • As soon as John gets home after the timeline's changed (now Frank and the homeless woman survive the fire) he finds the message his father was writing for him: "I'm still here, Chief".
    • Then John and Frank start to talk, first about what just happened, then they go on to random topics like baseball all night long.
    • When a present day, elderly Frank is revealed to be alive and saves John from the Nightingale Killer, and says with his voice cracking "I'm still here, Little Chief" and embraces his son.